Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Claire Bear turns 2

 On Monday Claire turned 2 years old. We enjoyed a nice day at home (mom and Sophie were a little under the weather), and had a fun party that evening. Claire is a ball of energy. She is spunky, hysterical, strong willed, stubborn, sweet, cuddly, and extremely loving. She surprises me every day with her budding vocabulary and the things she says. My favorite phrase as of late is "The dentist is very, VERY scary!" We went yesterday and it was not a pleasant experience for her, even though she got nothing done. She just didn't want to see mommy with a bib on lying down on a table with someone else  brushing her teeth. In retrospect the experience was pretty funny. While there I will admit I was very stressed with her screaming beside me and me thinking would you hurry up so I can pick up my screaming baby?

Sweet Claire wants to be big so bad. She has been expressing or demanding rather to sleep in a "big girl bed" for the past several weeks. I have resisted because that means putting all three kids in the same room to sleep and well we all know what a party that's going to be. I might consider it in a few months, so for now she is going to just have to fight me for a while. I have a feeling Claire is going to be a "pick your battles" child for me. She refuses to sit in her high chair and she wants to sit in a booster seat like her big sister and brother. She also wants to go to school, play dates, and does not want to take a nap and pretty much loves to do whatever they are doing. I think she would be happy if the next few years would zoom by so she could really be a BIG girl. For me I want her to stay my little Claire for a while. I am not quite ready for her to grow up so fast.

Mimi and Pop Pops joined the party via Face Time

Ohhhh.... cake!

Claire has the best experssions

Monday, September 12, 2011

My Work and My Glory

My Work and My Glory

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Sophie and both of her grandpa's at her blessing. 

Weekend O Fun

Labor day weekend was AMAZING! We were surrounded by so much family and felt so loved. These photos taken by my sister Emily and myself document the events well. To my family I miss you all already. I really don't understand why my dream of having everyone live on the same street can't come true. 

Yummy! Lemon garlic shrimp with pesto and cherry tomato pasta. 
Bobby and Bailey! Thank you for coming down. We love seeing you guys. 

Could they actually be father and son?
My beautiful and VERY talented sister. Yes I am intensely jealous of her amazing hair!
Claire loves to "climb up the mountain." ( walk up the slide)

Lukey and uncle Todd. 

My awesome in-laws who drove 10 hours to be with us.
My hottie husband. How lucky am I? 
 I LOVE these next photos of James playing with the kids. It warms my heart to see these moments captured.

Lukey and Pop Pops. I love this picture!

As you can see Addy is a little camera shy

Fun with Grandpa

Baking cookies with Gramz

Snuggle time with Mimi

Snuggle time as siblings

Pop pops and Sophie on her blessing day

Preschool Boy

How is my sweet adorable little guy already going to preschool. Where did the time go? Sometimes I feel like I blinked and my kids are suddenly all grown up. I am sure when I am older I will "really" feel that way. For now I am going to savor the moments and drink in the sweetness of my little angels. 

Kindergarten bound

Addy had her first day of Kindergarten last week. I am not really sure how I feel about the whole "starting school" thing. For many different reasons. I am already missing our lazy Summer days where James stayed home got the kids breakfast in the mornings and I got to laze in bed snuggling my baby. Oh those memories will be sweet. At least we are only doing afternoon school this year so we can still kind of be lazy in the mornings. I am loving that.

These two are going to miss each other in the afternoon. They are pretty much the best of friends. At least though they will get to share stories with each other about their day. I am looking forward to that. 
 Here are some of the "classic" first day of school photos. Ones I will cherish forever.