Saturday, July 16, 2011

so kissable

Wanna kiss?

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I am back... photographing that is. I took a little hiatus when I was on bed rest for 9 weeks and then had a newborn but now after all of this time I feel ready to pick up my camera again and start documenting life. Today I am titling this post exposure for many reasons. Here is my house (life) exposed. I had to document this because the reality is that most days at some point each of these rooms looks this way. At another day I will post "clean" photos, but for now you get my current reality. Its okay though because shortly after these photos were taken James and I took our little troops and we whipped the kitchen, and family room into shape. Sadly our bathrooms are still being neglected, baby steps. 

That is the reality I reside in. Here is the reality I live in...

Its a great reality don't you think?

Despite the mess and chaos that surrounds me life is good. Life is really really good!

Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Addy is the best big sister. She always wants to hold her little sister.  
Classic Claire face (she is so mischievous) 

Gramz and Gramps and the kids

Gramz and the Girls

     Today we enjoyed the annual 4th of July parade in our town. The highlight of the parade was the Star Wars float. My kids were going CRAZY! Luke kept shouting "There are my guys!" (he has a little star wars lego set that he plays with for hours on end). It was worth the heat to see my kids faces light up with excitement. Claire kept shouting "More princess, more princess." That's my girl. Little Sophie did amazing as she slept for the entire two hours. What a great baby she is.
     We have also loved having Mom and Dad L. here with us. The kids are in heaven with their grandparents as they were feeling the void of Mimi being gone. I am so glad that they have had so much time with both sets of grandparents as of late. I wish that all of our family lived close as mine did when I was growing up. I guess we will take what we can get.
    Another update, last night Luke said he was done using his binky and blanky to go to sleep. He went to bed like a big boy and went straight to sleep. It was amazing to me. I am so proud of my big guy! He is getting so old. Also, Sophie gave me my first real smile last night. I was getting her ready for bed with her nightly bath and lotion and as I was cooing and smiling at her her face light up in a smile. It melted my heart. I yelled for James to come up but when we tried to get her to do it again she would not preform on command. I did get her to do it again this morning. (Lucky me!)
     I am also battling my second mastitis infection this nursing cycle. I am on a new antibiotic that seems to be helping but it gives me migraines. Can I get a brake please? I really don't want to stop nursing so I am just praying that these infections go away and NEVER RETURN!

Happy 4th of July everyone! For all of my DC friends enjoy the amazing fireworks show for me. I sure miss DC on the 4th.