Wednesday, December 21, 2011

FDR and MLK Memorial

We are in DC. We made it. I flew with all four kids by My SELF! Yes there was an angel helping me along the way in the form of a wonderful grandmother figure who so kindly offered to sit with Addy and Luke and entertain them the entire 4 hour flight. It also helped that Sophie slept for 3 of the 4 hours. It was delightful. After a few days of time change adjustments we have settled in for our vacation from reality very nicely. Daddy arrived on Monday which was a huge blessing as we were all missing him after 9 days of separation. Our first family outing together was down to the FDR and MLK memorials. The kids did amazing (imagine little ping pong balls running in every direction). I was a little frazzled trying to keep up with them. I get a little freaked out in public places with out a stroller or a cart to keep them near my side. I am trying to be a little more trusting of them but really they are only 2, 4 and 5 years old. What can I expect. 
I tried to get a shot of them all standing "in line" but alas this is the best we could get. Little Claire loves to "walk" all by herself but don't be fooled by those big dough eyes. She is a little firecracker and when she gets freedom she takes any change to run. 
My ridiculously good looking parents. Seriously I hope I get the genes where I get younger looking as I grow older. As of now they have yet to kick in. But I have my fingers crossed for the future. 
My little four year old buddy. How are you growing up so fast. STOP GROWING PLEASE!

Claire and her Mimi. They are great buddies. 

I always took for granted how beautiful the Washington Monument was. It was in my backyard growing up. How did I never fully take in its beauty!

Like I said. Claire was having a very HARD DAY.  This included lots of screaming, tears and general unpleasantness. Poor little dear has been struggling with illness on and off for 6 months. I can't wait for the day when my little Claire is healthy and happy again. 

I just love everything about this photo!

Learning about Martin Luther King from the parks tour guide. The kids were quite enthralled. It was a great teaching moment to learn about diversity and what it means to be truly free and equal despite differences.
Little known fact. The Martin Luther King memorial is the only national monument dedicated to one person that was not a president. 
My beautiful little Addy. She is truly growing up into such a wonderful little girl. She is so helpful, smart and always very persistent. She is eager to learn and is excelling in school. I just love my dear little girl with a HUGE imagination.

These two photos capture my life in a nutshell. Lots of silliness and laughter. Being a mother is hard no doubt. It is tiresome and physically demanding, especially right now for me. For heaven sakes as I have written this post in the past hour I have put kids "back" to bed at least 15 times. They have switched beds, switched rooms, needed water, potty brakes. There were tears shed, books read, prayers said, kisses upon heads. Up and down hundreds of times. But here I sit now if just for a brief moment in silence to ponder what I actually have. Lots of love and lots of fun. I am so blessed. So very blessed.

My sweet Sophie. For that is what I shall call her always. She continues to be a source of peace and calm in our family. She lights up a room with her smile and when the chaos is swirling around me all I have to do is look at her and I feel a flood of calm and peace rush over me. She is an angel and a blessing, as all of my children are, in every way. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Family Photos 2011

Thanks to my amazing sister Emily Hayes of Emily Hayes Photography for taking these photos. It was stressful but I think we got some cute ones. Thanks again Em! Your awesome!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


We have had a nasty virus going through our house this week. This means we get to enjoy lots and lots of Popsicles, sugar free of course. Addy is such a rock star and has adjusted to the no sugar lifestyle like a champ. She is feeling SO much better as well. Yea!!

Disney on ice

Today was a special day. My kids had their first experience with the magic of Disney. It was so wonderful being able to watch the show through their eyes. I almost cried when tinker bell flew onto the ice. Watching my children's expressions were priceless. I will never forget it. Disney truly is a magical experience. I can't wait for the day when I can take them to Disney world. Now that is going to be awesome.


These are two of my favorite people. How lucky am I? Pretty darn lucky.

She is such a dream baby

Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Our life in photos for the past little while...

Scooting baby

Sophie is scooting. How can that be at just 4 1/2 months? Its a question i continue to ask myself.
She is the happiest baby in every way. She is an awesome napper. Were working on better nighttime sleep. She loves her brother and sisters, and smiles at just the sound of them entering the room. She is rolling over, loves to suck on her fists and fingers. She has FINALLY started taking a binky. We just love having this little doll in our family!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mini Sessions for Family Photos

Ok so its that time of year. The time when there is a crispness in the air. Where you realize that it's time to wear that new coat you bought on sale last year! Where you want to stay sleeping longer because it's darker later. And of course it's that time of year when we all start thinking about the HOLIDAYS!!!

As we approach this much anticipated season I start thinking about family, fun, sweet treats and gift giving. Oh I love this time of year! 

I want to let you all know that I will be offering a special on all family photo sessions from October 29th - November 30th. If you are interested in doing a family photo session in UT please email me at ASAP. I would love to take advantage of the beautiful weather and amazing colors we are enjoying in UT right now.  

$75  Special includes:

* One location -Bicentennial Park in Provo or Industrial area in Provo - 30 min (not too long if you have little ones) 
* 10-25 professionally edited photos on a DVD

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Claire Bear turns 2

 On Monday Claire turned 2 years old. We enjoyed a nice day at home (mom and Sophie were a little under the weather), and had a fun party that evening. Claire is a ball of energy. She is spunky, hysterical, strong willed, stubborn, sweet, cuddly, and extremely loving. She surprises me every day with her budding vocabulary and the things she says. My favorite phrase as of late is "The dentist is very, VERY scary!" We went yesterday and it was not a pleasant experience for her, even though she got nothing done. She just didn't want to see mommy with a bib on lying down on a table with someone else  brushing her teeth. In retrospect the experience was pretty funny. While there I will admit I was very stressed with her screaming beside me and me thinking would you hurry up so I can pick up my screaming baby?

Sweet Claire wants to be big so bad. She has been expressing or demanding rather to sleep in a "big girl bed" for the past several weeks. I have resisted because that means putting all three kids in the same room to sleep and well we all know what a party that's going to be. I might consider it in a few months, so for now she is going to just have to fight me for a while. I have a feeling Claire is going to be a "pick your battles" child for me. She refuses to sit in her high chair and she wants to sit in a booster seat like her big sister and brother. She also wants to go to school, play dates, and does not want to take a nap and pretty much loves to do whatever they are doing. I think she would be happy if the next few years would zoom by so she could really be a BIG girl. For me I want her to stay my little Claire for a while. I am not quite ready for her to grow up so fast.

Mimi and Pop Pops joined the party via Face Time

Ohhhh.... cake!

Claire has the best experssions