Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My thoughts on laundry

Okay so I have a beef... and its with doing laundry! I have to be totally honest... I HATE DOING LAUNDRY! 
I hate that there are hundreds of steps to get the task done..

1. wear the cloths
2. get them dirty
3. throw them on the floor (if your my kids)
4. pick them up off the floor
5. put them in the hamper
6. take the hamper down stairs to laundry room
7. sort the colors
8. apply spray n wash to stains
9. let them sit
10. apply bleach spray
11. let it sit
12-20. wash loads
20-30. dry loads
31-41. fold and sort all clothes
42. put away Addy's clothes
43. put away Luke's clothes
44. put away Claire's clothes
45. put away my clothes
46. put away James's clothes. 
47. collapse in exhaustion
48. start all over!

Seriously!!! This is a full time job. I mean really. Hours of work. Remembering to change the loads for me takes all the brain power I have some days. Be honest with yourself, how many times have you left a load in the wash for a few days and when you finally remember to change it you open the washer to find a pungent moldy smell hit you hard in the face. It happens to me far to often then not. (add a little ammonia to the wash next time and the smell is gone). At least I have that little saving grace of a trick. I mean really who wants to go around with moldy smelling clothes, or dry off after a fresh shower with a moldy smelling towel... GROSS!!! 

I think that isn't even the worst part though. The collecting of the clothes, and the washing and drying I can handle, its the folding and putting away that I cringe at the thought of. I will admit right now I have piles of folded clothes sitting in my laundry room waiting to be put away... I just don't want to do it. Something in me digs my heals in when I think of putting away clothes. Maybe its because I know that when I do this the task starts ALL OVER AGAIN!!! I propose a communal closet, right there attached to the laundry room. That way the clothes don't ever have to leave. They can always stay in the same place. I think in my next house that will be a requirement. Yes a requirement indeed. That or I will have unlimited funds to hire someone to do this horrid task for me!

Ahhhhh.... dreams do come true. Don't they?

There goes the buzzer... back to folding.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I did it!

Well, I did it! I finished my first Half Marathon post baby. I am just going to toot my own horn here but I am so proud of myself. Feeling a little sore today (one day after) but I am SOOOO glad I finished and made a great time!

These past two weeks have been pretty crazy, went to AZ with the fam and visited fam , came home with some extended fam (Mom and Dad L.) in toe, 4th of July festivities, Dad. L left, Aunt Noelle and baby Sabrina come and visit, Uncle Bobby goes to the hospital with a collapsed lung (Monday before race), Mom comes to take care of Bobby (Thursday before race), Bobby has major lung surgery (day before race), Claire decides she is not going to sleep ever again (every night for two weeks before the race). It truly has been an adventure leading up to race day.

Side note... Bobby is doing well. He has a long recovery ahead but he is surrounded by people who love him and I know he will pull through just fine! Thank you Bailey & Fam for taking care of Bobby and mom! You guys ROCK!

On Race morning Claire decided 4am would be a good wake up time... or maybe it was before that but I was too tired to know. I got up got ready and James took me, Claire, and my girls, Alisha, and Beth, to the race drop off. We ran the Hobbler Half Marathon which winds down the majestic Hobble Creek Canyon. We arrived at 5:20am and hopped on one of the buses that took us up the canyon to the start line. It was breezy but I was feeling pretty good. We waited for about an hour before we all got lined up to start. It was so much fun getting all geared up to go with the butterflies stirring and the adrenaline beginning to pump through my veins. Oh man do I love that feeling. Its a little addictive. I can see why people talk about the runners/race high. Its very real. As we crossed the start line I was feeling great! The first 6 miles were fantastic, so beautiful, and I couldn't believe our pace. It was much faster then I had trained. I was so excited!

The rest of the race went great. I ran with two great friends and had fun talking, listening to some great music (thanks Bobby!) and enjoying the fact that I was going to finish and finish strong! By the time we made it out of the canyon we had about 3 miles left. No big deal I thought to myself. I can totally do this! It was getting hot we had to take a few quick water brakes but I was feeling good. My feet were hurting but my mind was focused and I was going to finish! Crossing the finish line was AMAZING! Alisha, Beth and I all decided to run across together. We started together and wanted to finish together, and so we did.

All I can really say is that seeing my family at the end of the race brought tears to my eyes. Luke kept shouting "way to go mom!" and Addy ran up to me gave me a huge bouquet of flowers and said how proud of me she was. It was so heartwarming. I am so grateful to my wonderful husband for all of his support. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have been able to train the way I did. I am truly blessed.

Overall I will say that I am now addicted. I mean I crossed the finish line and thought to myself... which race can I do next? Hummm... more about that later. For now here are the race day photos! Thank you Noelle for taking the AWESOME pictures!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

AZ fun

Our trip to AZ was so much fun. We visited James' family for this past week.  It was HOTTER then HOT there but that didn't stop us from fully taking advantage of all the fun AZ had to offer. We can't wait for our next visit!

* disclaimer - all of the photos on this post were taken with my point and shoot camera. I just didn't want to lug my big camera around all day. Hence the quality is not great but I think it captured our fun times just perfectly.

A little present left my some neighborhood vandalizers in Cedar City while visiting with our cousins. It was REAL RED paint. It came off the window with a razor blade but, it was the paint on the body of the car that's another story. It didn't put a damper on things in the least though. We were on our way to AZ regardless.

My happy little ones. They were troopers on the 10 hour car ride. I can happily say that I can totally do that again.

Dads telling stories... can it get any cuter?

We love our cousins. We miss you guys already!

My little water baby. I could just eat her up she is so yummy.

My silly little fish. Every since Addy took swimming lessons last month she has become a little fish in the water. She has lost ALL fear of the water. She can swim across the entire pool without stopping. I am so proud of how far she has come.

We miss grandma's pool already.

I know these pictures are blurry but they just captured Claire's excitement so perfectly. This girl LOVES her daddy!

Claire showing off her new skill (clapping!). so cute!

James had to work a little while we were on vacation so I had to capture it. Doesn't he look so good? Maybe I am partial but WOW I am a lucky girl!

I hope these boys stay close forever! We wish you lived closer SOOOO BAD! Please leave Texas and come and live in Utah. PLEASE?

Good morning sunshine! Before our beastly run. I have to say it is SO HARD to run in 95+ degree heat. I wouldn't recommend it AT ALL!

Dad showing the kids his MAD SKILLS in Ms. Packman.  Look at the intensity

Just because...

Yup she is mine... ALL MINE

Visiting our Cedar City cousins on the way home. Good times

The Twins

introducing the newest cousin twins... even though Bryce and Claire are 5 months apart they look so much alike.

My poor sick baby... During the trip Claire did amazing despite being sick almost the entire time. By the end of our 13 hour day she was done in! Thanks for being such a trooper sweet girl. You are my hero!

Thank you Gramz and Gramps for making this trip possible. We had an amazing time and we can't wait to come back. We miss you all so much and want all of our family to know how much we love them. We can't wait to see you all again soon! Here's to the memories.