Monday, May 31, 2010

Sitting Up

Our big news and discovery for the day is... Claire is finally sitting up unsupported. I no longer have to worry about her on the floor. It is a milestone as far as baby development goes. She has a new view of the world and is loving it. Now I just have to brace myself for her crawling stage which I know is not too far off. Wow she is growing way too fast.

James asked Luke who his favorite girl was... his response "Adds ( Addy)." Then he asked him who his favorite mom was...his response "Katharine!" Then he said "my favorite baby is Claire!" Too cute!

Addy swam the length of the pool today all by herself! She is AWESOME!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Preschool Graduation

Addy Graduates from Preschool

For the past year Addy has been attending Bee Ready Preschool with a wonderful
teacher Ms. Roper. She is wonderful and we have throughly enjoyed our experience 
with her. Addy even said today ( it was her last day). "Mom I want to visit 
Ms. Roper over the Summer." Of course we will have to do that. 
Here are some pics of the graduation. Congratulations Addy. You 
are getting so big, and are just so cute!

Our little family

Our little graduate!







Addy I am so proud of you! You are so kind 
and such a wonderful daughter. I couldn't 
love you more!

Monday, May 24, 2010

are you okay?

I just coughed while taking a sip of my drink. Shortly after Luke came running up to me.

" Are you okay mom?"

"Yeah buddy I am okay. Thanks."

"Okay mom."

He is so sweet.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Looking back

This is the first time I held Addy... The memories of her bright eyes, red hair and soft skin are as vivid as the day she was born. 
Addy age 1
Addy age 2

Addy age 4 months
Addy Age 3

Addy Age 4

A Finger Licking Good Birthday

It was a pinkalicous birthday. For everyone who was not with us we missed you! 
I hope you can enjoy the day with us through these photos! I can't believe I have a 4 year old!





Happy Birthday My sweet Addy. I am so grateful to be your Mommy! You bring so much joy, love and laughter to my life. I am a better person with you as my daughter. I love you!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Addy turns 4

In just a few short hours My Addy turns 4 years old. 

How did she get so big so fast?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Week of Photos

Here are some photos that I have been meaning to post. Today I finally got to it!

Here goes...


The kids waiting for me the morning of my 5K. James was so awesome to get them all dressed and bundled up for the freezing snowy weather and bring them out to cheer me on.


Starting the race ( I didn't see James until he called out to me when he was taking this picture.)


I have been trying hard to do different projects with Addy every day. This day we made GACK! The kids had so much fun making it and playing with it. (We were joined by our dear little friends Addy and Ian)


Mother's Day Breakfast at Addy's preschool
Addy and her best friend Olivia from preschool. The are so cute together!

Parent's Day at Addy's Dance Class

Sarah ( Ian's Mom ) and I are determined that these two are going to be married one day. I am trying to document all I can for their future wedding video ;)

Addy and Luke pretending to play trumpets

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Day

Today consisted of ...

* Waking up to a baby that decided to sleep in until 7:45am (YEA), but other kids decided to wake up early 7am (Boo)

* Parents day at Addy's dance class (YEA) and Daddy got to join us (DOUBLE YEA!)

* Made more GACK with Addy (YEA)

* Didn't get an afternoon nap (BOO)

* Took Addy and Luke to their first swimming lesson of the season (YEA)

* Luke and Addy both traumatized by swimming lessons (BOO). (we are working with a new private swim teacher who has a very intensive approach, the goal is to have the kids swimming and floating by the end of the two week session, after day one both kids were floating on their own! AMAZING!!!)

* While on the way to swimming lessons realized that I forgot Luke's bathing suite (BOO). He ended up wearing a swim diaper and plastic undies (So sorry buddy!) 

* While waiting for kids at swimming Claire decided to leak out of her diaper and pee all over herself and me! AWESOME ... (Boo)

* When I got home I handed Claire off after getting her little naked body out of the car seat and then realized that I didn't fasten her diaper well enough and got poop all over me! (Double Boo)

* Ended the day with a 4.5 mile run! Hard but good! (YEA)

I signed up for my half marathon! July here we come!

Friday, May 07, 2010

30 Day Cleanse

For the past two weeks James and I have been doing a 30 day cleanse. It has been so great. Hard the first couple of days... I really missed my daily coke fix but after day 3 I have not had any cravings at all. Here is what we are doing...

* No Meat
* No Sugar
* No Wheat or Gluten
* No Dairy

Okay so I know what most people are thinking... "What in the heck are they eating?" The answer is, lots of veggies, fruits, beans, brown rice, and lots of water.

The purpose of doing this cleanse is to retrain my taste buds. I have been way to addicted to certain foods and I just figured if I cut them out then I can teach my body to crave veggies and fruits more ( I have really always been a veggie and fruit lover so it was not a hard change for me).  Tomorrow will mark two weeks. I feel great and have even lost a few lbs (which is a great bonus!) Our kids are eating much healthier as well. I hope to keep it up. My fingers are crossed that I will have the will power to do it.

My new motto is "If I can understand whats on the food label I am NOT going to buy it!"

Check out Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution... its disturbing and inspirational

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Why I Run

Because... I can!

For the past 4 months I have been exercising. I know I have talked about this before but I think my new love for running has now taken a hold of me.  I not only love running I am a little obsessed with it. It is so amazing watching my body go a little bit further with each run. When I first started I could not even run a mile now I am running 3 + miles at a time. I am addicted to the feeling I get (its a high really) when I tell myself to go a little farther, to push a little harder. It also helps that I have a great running partner who motivates me all along the way. On Saturday (last week) I finished a 5K and RAN the entire thing. I was so proud of myself! It was such a rush and a high.

Back in 2002 I ran the Disney World Marathon... I want to find that girl again. The one that loved the feeling of pushing her body a little harder, and pushing her mind a little farther. I can honestly say... I think she is back!

I have committed to myself that I will do a half marathon this Summer. I am so excited to continue my training. If anyone reading this wants to join me let me know and I will give you the details.

I just have to always remember...

"When you feel like stopping...DON'T"

Monday, May 03, 2010

My new life

Please take the time to watch this video. It is so inspirational. Stephanie is an amazing person and inspires me to embrace the details and incredible blessings in my life.