Monday, March 29, 2010

Precious Moments

Even though we have been yucky sick around our house the past several days. I still had to capture a few precious moments.

3 kids


angel face

Sunday, March 28, 2010

6 months old

Claire is now 6 months old! I feel like I have been in fast forward the past 6 months. Time please slow down a little. She is happy (when she is feeling well) and not when she is not. She is a girl who knows what she wants and when she wants it! How can a 6 month old have opinions? Well she does.  Last night I let her "cry it out" for the first time. She has been an amazing sleeper up until 2 weeks ago. I was reminded about what it was like with my other two children. Waking up 10 times a night. Getting to the morning and feeling like I never went to sleep. How can this be? Anyway I decided that since I couldn't even console Claire when I picked her up that she would have to cry it out for a little while. She only cried for 20 min or so, and then woke up once but went right back to sleep no problem. I am hoping it worked. Today she woke up after an hour of going to sleep and I went in wrapped her back up in her swaddle and she went right back to dream land. My fingers are crossed for a goo nights sleep tonight.

Claire is starting to sit up, she is rolling over (when she wants to) and is fully entertained by her brother and sister. She loves being around them. Right now she laughs every time Luke even enters her sight. She thinks he is just so funny. Addy is the most tender with her. She always wants to hold her and teach her new things. She is my little mothers helper in every way.


Since Claire started eating solids a few weeks ago she has been not the happiest person. Maybe it is because she has the most sensitive digestive system of any of my children. She has to be on sensitive formula and even that bugs her sometimes. All the foods she has tried so far constipates her. I know this is too much info for some people but I am at a loss as to what to do now. I give her prunes with all of the food she is eating (for now she has only tried squash, pears, and rice cereal).  I just wish I could find a good balance for her poor little body. She just gets so sad and I feel so sad for her when she cries and there is nothing I can to to ease her pain.


Speaking of pain... there she is crying again. Here's hoping she goes back to sleep fast.


growing up

Friday, March 26, 2010

last night

Claire slept through the night last night again! YEA!!! She woke up once at 10:30pm but I was just getting in bed so that doesn't really count does it? I think she woke up again at 12 but I don't really remember that either. I think I went in and wrapped her up again. I think. Good thing because the other kids didn't sleep so well. Addy came in our room at 3am saying there were ants in her bed. She climbed in with us. I am not usually one to allow their kids to sleep with them but come on it was 3am and lets face it... I was TIRED! then at 5am I heard the dreaded vomiting sound coming from Luke's room.  Oh MAN! I ran in and he was hacking up all over. I think it was just because he was super congested. (sorry TMI). Poor little guy. He wanted to be held and cuddled. I slept with him the rest of the night which only lasted another hour or so so does that really count?

Heres hoping for some good health today and some good sleep tonight.

*** Maybe I will have to wait a little longer for good health...Luke just threw up all over my lap as I was writing this post. Heres to a happy Friday.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

favorite song

Today Addy and I were putting together a playlist. I asked Addy:

"What is your favorite song? I will try to find it."

Addy's response: "You know mom. The one with the down part."

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Screaming all the way home...

Imagine this...

Beautiful 60+ degrees outside.

Addy, Luke, Claire and Mom decide to venture to the park (ON FOOT)

Fun times follow. Swings, ladders, slides. All is well... UNTIL...

Screams, Addy is stung by a bee...

Mom rushes to her aid with Claire in front back. Addy screams even harder. Claire screams because she is frightened of Addy screaming. Mom decides its time to leave.

Luke doesn't agree... Luke screams.

Mom pushing the screaming injured in the stroller, carrying the screaming baby in the front pack and carrying with one arm her 35lb screaming, and kicking two year old.  Pushing the stroller through some impossibly rough grass. Mom says a prayer.

We are all home, safe and not screaming... I am thankful for the sounds of silence.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saying goodbye

I am feeling pretty numb right now. This weekend sucked all of my energy and emotions out of me. On Wednesday morning James and I found out one of our friends lost their 4 month old baby to SIDS. (Sigh) I am not sure what to say. Shock, indescribable sadness has over come me. I look at my children in a different way. I have been asking myself all weekend... "what if I lost Addy, Luke or Claire?" Someone that holds my heart so dear. Someone that is part of me. I would be lost. I don't know. I feel so emotionally tied to this situation. Maybe it is because I saw my own mother deal with the loss of her child when I was young. It brought back a lot of strong emotions. Maybe it is because I have my own children and I can't imagine what the loss of one of them would do to me. My head is swimming.

So    I      Pray

I pray for the comfort of my friends.
I pray that they will be sustained by the Lords endless love
 and comfort for them.
I pray that their hearts in time will heal enough to move forward
(I know they will).
I pray that some day we will understand why.
I pray for peace.
Peace of mind.
I pray for hope.
Hope that the future will be bright, and I know it will.
I pray for miracles.
Miracles, that I know the Lord will provide for this family.
There will be smiles again.
There will be laughter in their home and hearts.
There will be joy.

Because this is the promise of everlasting life. That one day this family will live together again as an eternal family forever. And that is the greatest blessing and comfort the Lord can give.

So now I will go to sleep and kiss my babies one last time before they drift off to dreamland, and I will thank my Heavenly Father that he blessed me with one more precious day with each of them.

I will vow to cherish more the small moments that life has to offer

Bryce LeGrand LeCheminant

Welcome to the world baby Bryce. We are so happy to have you in our family.  Thanks for letting us share some cuddles with you. You are an angel in every way!



Congratulations Tamara, Christian and family!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Library

Today I took the three amigos to the library... BAD DECISION.  First off we went at 11:30am - WAY TO CLOSE TO NAP TIME. Saying we had a few meltdowns would be an UNDERSTATEMENT! Good thing I grabbed a ton of books because I think it will be a while before I attempt that again. At least Claire was an angel. She was well rested from her morning nap and didn't make a peep. I just wish I could have said that about my other two. Oh well. Its moments like these where I just have to take a deep breath, put some soft music on and drive around until everyone falls asleep... mission accomplished!

Sunday, March 07, 2010


We made it through another Sunday... I wonder if sitting by myself with three babies will ever be easy. I wonder.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Get Ready

For LOTS of photos


Mom and the kids

Blowing Bubbles

Playing Footsie

Sister LOVE

Sibling LOVE

Claire Learning to Roll Over
rolling over
rolling over

Catching Up again...

There are so many things to say so I am just going to bullet point it all...

  • Yesterday Luke said to me "Don't talk Mom! Don't talk!" Do you think he might have an older sister??? Do you think she says that to mom when she doesn't like what mom has to say??? One to ponder.

  • James and I are training for a 5K and then maybe a half marathon this Summer. I am excited to commit myself to regaining my post-baby body back. I have also been weight training for one of James BYU studies... My new obsession and addiction. Its just nice to do something for myself. Is that selfish... if it is I am fine with that. 

  • Addy is really starting to become a little social bug. She is going to friends houses all the time or having friends over here. It has gotten so busy around here she wakes up excited every morning and asks... "Mom where am I going today?" Maybe that means we need some more down time. Nope, this girl is just like her mommy. She likes to go go go!

  • I know I have blogged about Claire being my angel sleeper but I need to do it one more time. Claire is the most amazing night sleeper EVER!!! I just wrap her up and she is off to dreamland. She is usually down by 6:45 each night and up by 7am. Her naps have gotten a bit more spotty but she is still taking 3 a day so maybe I need to just move her to two. I write this because I want to remember that every baby is not a bad sleeper. My other two still struggle!

  • A few weeks ago we moved Addy and Luke in the same room. I will say this now I am sorry Luke for making you sleep in the pink paradise. It is just for a little while. I was very reluctant to do this for many months but I finally realized Claire needed her own space and Mommy and Daddy needed their room back to themselves. Claire moved into Luke's room and Luke thus moved in with Addy. All I can say about this move is it has been... A DREAM and INSPIRATION. I wish I had done it years ago. The first night they fell asleep holding hands and only one time in the past two weeks have they gotten out of bed. Addy is even sleeping in the dark now (she was a 3 nightlight sleeper before). With a buddy for each of them now they are so happy.  The other night Addy did say as James was leaving the room "Daddy don't leave we will be lonely." James responded "Addy you can't be lonely because you have Luke." Addys' response to that "Well Daddy we will be lonely together!" Priceless.

  • James has been so busy with job and his church work we have been stealing moments with each other that we cherish. It is so nice to be able to have some time to talk. I miss him but I know once the Spring/Summer comes we will have some down time and much needed vacation time. We told the kids we were going to go to the beach this Summer and now every day they put their bathing suits on and lay on a blanket in our family room pretending they are in a swimming pool or at the beach.  Summer come soon PLEASE!!!
LOTS OF PHOTOS coming in the next post...

30 Strangers

I was chosen to participate in THIS photography project! 
I couldn't be more thrilled. 
I will let you know how it all turns out!