Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Goggle Girl


Did I say looking at her this way makes me want to cry and never stop. 


Addy is so in love with her new sister... wouldn't you be too?

Sun bathing

Looks like our little Claire is turing into a pumpkin before our eyes.  Sadly we are going to have her bathing on a bed of light for a while. Hopefully that does the trick and she will finally wake up long enough to eat!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

We are home

We are officially home now. It is great being home. Claire so far is a dream baby. She doesn't cry and she sleeps a lot! This has made feeding times interesting to say the least. How do you get a baby to wake up from a deep sleep to eat??? We have tried everything. She is doing better but really is just a very sleepy baby. When we left the hospital today we found out she has elevated jaundice levels. I am sure that is contributing to her sleepiness. We will get her checked again soon so hopefully they will peek and then go down and we won't have a repeat of Luke's first few weeks of life. That would not be fun, but you do what you have to do to keep your baby well.   

Claire is so tiny. She is the smallest baby I have ever had. The few newborn clothes we have are swimming on her. I can't believe that a baby so small is real. She is just such a joy to have around. Even though it has only been two short days of life for her I can't imagine a day without her in our family now! 

Tomorrow I plan on taking more pictures to post. I have not been up to being in any (lets be honest I just don't have the energy to look descent), but tomorrow I am hoping to take a shower. YEA! 

Well more pics to come tomorrow! Wish us luck for our first night at home! I am sure excited to sleep in my own bed.

PS: After birth cramps = NO FUN!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Claire Michelle LeChemiant


Claire Michelle LeCheminant
Born 3:19pm
7lbs 2 oz
19 in long

Yesterday we were blessed to welcome baby Claire into our family. She is beautiful and we are all completely in love. When she was first born Claire had to go to the NICU due to some breathing problems. After many prayers, she was brought down to us last night and now is thriving well. Addy and Luke first met their new little sister this morning. Here is a video of Addy first meeting Claire. She is so tender with her. She is going to be a great big sister to her little sister. Luke just wanted to hug her and kiss her. He is so in love.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Baby LeCheminant is here!

Hi everyone, this is Emily, (Katharine's sister). I am proud to announce to the arrival of the newest LeCheminant and my niece! She was born at 3:18 today weighing 7.2lbs and 19" long. We are all so excited, and I can't wait to meet her soon :-) Below is a picture of mom and baby. How beautiful do they both look? Really, I think she is the most beautiful newborn I have ever seen!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Big Day

Tomorrow's the big day! We are super excited. To be honest I am a little nervous. I just hope I can sleep tonight. Wish us all luck! Here comes # 3.

Here is a little video comparison...

Addy at 21 months

Luke at 21 months 

Do you think maybe they are related???

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

5 AM

Why am I wide awake at 5am??? Would someone please tell me. PLEASE! I know it has something to do with the fact that I have this overwhelming urge to clean the bathrooms and scrub the kitchen floor with some bleach and a toothbrush. Why oh why is this nesting instinct so real and so intense. I just want to sleep. It's not like there are many more nights to get a full and good nights rest. I know I will crash sometime today and well lets be honest with impending baby arrival (two days or so) I have stuff to get done! Arggggg!!!!! Why can't you take sleeping pills while pregnant? Oh well. I guess my body is just preparing me for what I am about to receive. So scared and so excited.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A mothers work is never done

Tonight Luke fell out of our rocking chair in our bedroom. I watched him tumble to the ground before my slow moving body could catch his fall. The screams were intense but short lived thank goodness. This was the result (photo above). Two bloody sleeves on my favorite white tee. At least they were good for stopping the bleeding in the small cut in his mouth.  Now he is off to dreamworld and I am left to clean up the mess.  A mothers work is never done! 

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Today Addy decided she wanted to brake out the paints, crayons, glue, scissors, and markers. I let her have her freedom to create what she wanted. She was focused for over an hour. I loved watching her intense concentration, and the excitementt when she was all finished couldn't be described properly in words. When Luke woke up from his nap he was thoroughly enthralled in what Addy was doing. He managed to create a few masterpieces of his own. Pretty soon I think my home is going to become an art gallery.
Who can resist that cute face? I just want to eat him!
The finished product!
Is he too young to play with scissors???
Luke concentrating as Addy creates her masterpiece
"Look mom I can do it too"
Addy focusing on her artwork
Couldn't finish "art time" without a sibling hug! I love that my kids love each other.

Thursday, September 03, 2009


Best Friends
Yes thats me at nearly 37 weeks pregnant. Not a very flattering picture but I thought it was cool.

Oh Happy Day

Today was a HAPPY DAY

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Car Seat..Check!

Thanks to my mom for sending this cute car seat cover in the mail. What a fun surprise! Now that the car seat is taken care of...we are just waiting for baby to arrive. Hopefully just 3 more short weeks.

Photo Fun

New camera = New photos = lots of FUN!!!

Now I just need to decide what photo editing software to get...Apature, Ligthroom, CS4... too many to choose!

1st day of preschool

On Aug 17th Addy had her first day of preschool. She was so excited to start up again. She has been anxiously waiting all summer to see her teacher and her friends again. As you can see she was jumping up and down with excitement. The past few weeks have been great for her. She loves her class and her teacher (whom she had last year as well). She even got to take home the coveted "teach and tell" box today. She wants to fill it with flowers to share with the rest of the class this week. I am so glad she is loving school. I hope it stays this way forever!

Utah County Fair

A few weeks ago we went to the Utah County Fair. I will say that I was pretty disappointed. I mean they didn't even have funnel cakes. What's a fair without funnel cakes. I am hoping the Utah State Fair will not disappoint! Here are a few cute pics we got of the kids on some show tractors. Addy even managed to find a pink one. Of course!

I love this photo of James... he is just so good looking. Man I am a lucky girl!

Future Farmers of America!