Sunday, August 23, 2009


Addy took a nap today which means she is having a hard time falling asleep. Thanks to her "sleeping star chart" she is not getting out of bed. It also means that I get to listen to her make up songs to pass the time before her real fatigue sets in. I love how kids make up words to familiar tunes. Its so sweet. 

Bobby was finally back in UT today and we are so happy to have family close again. Well we wish he was closer (2 hours is close for us I guess). Happy Birthday tomorrow Uncle Bobby! 22 and we still love you!

And for those of you wondering I feel like I am going to POP only 4 more weeks to go... I hope!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Addy started preschool yesterday. She loved it of course. I will post more about that with pictures later. She is now in the tent that we set up in our family room playing school. She put the table and chairs in her "classroom" and has been calling me teacher for the past hour. Her name is "student." She is so creative! Always surprising her mom.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Luke and Mom Date

Tonight James took Addy on a daddy/ daughter date fishing so that left me and Luke to enjoy a night together. We had fun drinking chocolate milk and watching "laughing baby videos" on YouTube. Luke thinks they are hysterical! We also decided to make a little video ourselves. Enjoy!

Post-note: James and Addy had a great time on their date. They didn't actually catch a fish but enjoyed some great quality time together. James said Addy kept saying all night:

 "Daddy I can't believe we are really here. Daddy its amazing we are really fishing!" 

How cute. I am so glad they are getting some good time together before the baby comes. 

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Wright Family

Tonight I had the chance to do a quick photo shoot for long time family friends. Sarah is one of my dear friends from growing up. She is an amazingly talented artist. Thanks for letting me photograph your beautiful family!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Dear Luke

Tonight as I was putting Luke to bed he decided that it would be a good night to scream as I left the room. After about 10 agonizing minuets ( I hate hearing Luke cry, because it just doesn't happen that often), I went back into his room to comfort him (being sure to NOT get him out of his crib, I have made that mistake before). I easily coxed his sweet head back onto his spongy pillow and sat next to his crib. Being sure to not say a word. He was silent and all the sound we heard was the "rain water" on his sound machine in his room. After about 15 seconds of sitting there, I saw his chubby little hand reaching through the bars. His eyes were peacefully closed but he was reaching out for my touch. It was so tender, so loving, so comforting to know that for this short little moment he was still my baby. I gently took his hand in mine and held it there for as long as I could justify. He was asleep after just a few minuets but I wanted to stay all night with his hand in mine. As I got up to leave and I released his grip his fingers stretched out as if to say "don't leave yet." No other part of his body moved just his little fingers. Oh how I love those chubby little fingers. 

Luke has been doing a lot of growing up lately. He is saying tons of words and has become quiet the tease with Addy. Every morning when he wakes up he makes a b-line for her room to wake her up as he does this he carefully pulls her beloved "mimi doll and binki" away from her, turns quickly, while running from the room laughing and yelling "mine, mine, mine, mine," knowing full well that that's about the only thing that will get Addy out of bed. I love it when the day starts off like that because both of my kids are happy, laughing and playing together. 

Some of my favorite times of day with Luke are when he first wakes up seeing his bright eyed smile, reading his favorite books together cuddled up in some little comfy corner of the house, watching him reach out for Addy's hand in the car, he loves to hold her hand.  There are just so many favorite times of day with him I can't name them all. He is the joy that brightens up a gloomy day. He is my little piece of sunshine. 

Luke is my little showman. He always wants to show me what he is doing. He will jump and dance all over the house, anytime there is music on, for that matter he will do it when there is no music too! He loves to tumble, climb, laugh, cuddle, read, eat, play! He can do it all and for the most part is a very happy little boy. I am so blessed to have him as my baby boy. 

It is hard to think that in just 7 short weeks my little baby boy is going to take a new place in our family, big brother! I want to savor these last weeks I have with sweet Lukey because no matter how many babies come after him he will always be my first baby boy! I love you my little Lukey Bookie!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Killing time before Daddy gets home

Luke's lovely new head bash. He is fine. Fell into the corner of a bookshelf. Such a brave boy!
Having fun

My glamorous little guy!