Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rough Sunday

Today was a rough day. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get your 19month old son to sit still for an hour of church and then to not cry his eyes out during nursery (children's Sunday school)? I would welcome any suggestions you might have. I am at my wits end right now. I even broke down and cried because I was so overwhelmed. It was pretty embarrassing! Isn't Sunday supposed to be a day of rest, prayer, learning? My Sunday's are usually the most stressful day of the week (at least Sunday mornings are). How can we change this?

Prayer....lots of Prayer!

PS: {Pain is much better. Thank goodness for that!}

Monday, July 20, 2009

Pain scale

Today my pain was a little better. I walked a little more normal. I hope this improvement continues. I am praying it will. 

Saturday, July 18, 2009

After a long day

This is what I love to do the most

My 30th Birthday

Well it's official I am 30. What???? 
Sometimes I wonder where these past 30 years went but as my mom so gently reminded me... I earned everyone of those years! As I look back I will say that I have accomplished a lot in my life that I am very proud of. Here are just a few...

1. Marrying the love of my life - JAMES
2. Caring, giving birth, and raising so far my two 1/2 beautiful angels.
3. Staying sane through numerous moves to various states across the country
4. Graduated from BYU
5. Worked at Children's National Medical Center - Second best job I have ever had, next to being a mother.
6. Built lasting and true friendships - many that I know will last forever and beyond!
7. Stayed strong and faithful in spite of the challenges and trials of life.
8. Traveled to various countries, and was enriched my many different cultures.
9. Completed a Marathon (26.2 baby!). side note - now that it is extremely painful to even walk around I vow to do another marathon when I am well. I can not tell you how grateful I will be to be able to walk and one day run again without pain.
10. Jumped out of an airplane (age 25). I don't think I would ever do that now but I am glad I did it when I did.

Here's to another 30 wonderful years!
James surprised me when I woke up with a kitchen full of decorations, cards, flowers and a cake! It was the start of a great birthday!
My kids have "sweet tooths" just like their Daddy

Addy couldn't get enough of the cake. * side note... How do you get your three year old to take off their dress up dress they insist on wearing every second of every day. I still have not figured that one out. Any suggestions???

Kate and Addy - Cousin Twins

Photo Update from DC Trip

Our Trip to DC May 2009
I love this photo of Luke with the Bear at the Natural History Museum... Priceless
Photos of trip to the National Zoo
Sibling love...sharing an Icy
Luke LOVED the animals at the Zoo
Addy fascinated by something 
Taking a little brake from the crowds and the heat
Addy seeing a real panda bear for the first time. She was amazed!
Thanks Pop Pops for taking us to the Zoo
On our travels across country we stopped at a hotel in Albuquerque, NM. Randomly we ran into some friends who were traveling from St. Louis to CA. It was so much fun to catch up with our old friends. How we miss them.
I love this picture of Addy
My two boys. Like father like son!
Hanging out with uncle Bryan in DC

** All photos taken with sony cybershot camera. I didn't take my big camera on this trip.**

Monday, July 13, 2009

More LeChem Pics

This past two weeks has been a world win! We had an amazing family reunion with all of James' side of the family staying at our house (about 24 people at its peak!). It was crazy but so much fun! While here I was able to do a quick photo shoot for my sister and brother in law and their cute kids. We miss everyone already. I wish I had taken more candid pictures during the week but alas I just did not brake out the camera as much as I should have. I do have a few more posts to catch up one so more to come soon.
Cole -3y (almost 4)
Cade 2 1/2
Baby Lane 9 months

Maddie 6y

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Friday, July 03, 2009

For Sale

With the new baby on the way we had to upgrade our car. We are now officially a minivan family! WOW! Needless to say we do not need three cars so we have to sell our sweet ride the Aveo. This car has super low milage, is in excellent condition (kids never have driven in this car), and gets great gas milage. 
* Price starting at $6750. We are willing to negotiate the price so make your best offer!

Solid wood dining room table and 4 chairs. This table has served us well for the past 4 1/2 years but we have recently purchased a new dining room set (amazing yard sale find!) and have to part with this beauty!
* Price starts at $160 for the set. But make your best offer if interested