Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back Pain

Sorry for the long blogging hiatus. I know I have tons of updates to do but I am out for now with some major pregnancy induced back pain! Seriously no fun to walk around wincing with every step I take. I wish there was a quick fix but every Dr. I got to says there isn't. Arggg.... If anyone knows of any good way to fix this problem please share. 

So for now I will just say both of my kids are asleep and its only 8pm. Prayers really are answered!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Photography Special

In an effort to let my creative juices flow more and capture precious moments for families and couples I am introducing my 

Summer Photography Package Special

For the months of June, July, August and September I am offering a $125 package deal

This package will include:

* 1 photo session at location of choice (or if you don't have a place you want to go in mind I have several that I love to do photo shoots at). 

* 1 CD with 25-75 professionally edited photos for your enjoyment. (you own the rights to the photos so you can get prints made at your leisure)

* A session of fun memories captured for all time!

These photography sessions can include:

Engagement Photos
Maternity Photos 
Family Photos - This includes parents and up to 3 children ( add $25 for each additional person)
Newborn babies 
Senior Photos 

If your interested in scheduling a photo shoot with me please contact me at:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Photos by Emily

My talented photographer sister Emily took these pictures of my brother Bryan's graduation this week. It was a long ceremony but we are so proud of Bryan for graduating!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Addy Speak

Today while eating lunch James and I were chatting about the kids. He remarked that sometimes he just didn't get Addy. He said: "I just don't know how to speak Addy language."

At the precise moment Addy chimed in..."Dad I can teach you to speak Addy"

It was priceless.


The other night at dinner Addy asked me:

"Mom can I have some more noodles with my salt?"

Is she not her mothers daughter?

Monday, June 01, 2009

DC Week 1

This trip is already going by to fast. Here is our week in a nutshell...

The kids were so excited to see all of our family. Addy is in HEAVEN and Luke is starting to warm up. Luke has formed a major attachment with "pop pops." Which I think is so cute. He never cries with Pop Pops. He always looks for him and when he goes to work in the morning you can often find Luke calling after him as he walks out the door. Adorable! Addy has enjoyed playing with Mimi and all of her fun jewelry. She also gets to visit Nana every day and see her amazing jewelry stash. Years of collecting makes a treasure find for a three year old. Addy can be found pretty much running all over the house. She loves exploring ever nook and cranny here. Everyone is continually amazed by the things she says. Sometimes I feel like I have a 6 year old because of the way she talks. She is too smart for her own good.Yikes!

The weather has been pretty rainy since we arrived in DC except for this past weekend so we pretty much have been hanging around the house and running errands (Target trip was a DISASTER!). Why do I even attempt to take two very tired cranky kids to Target (at least 30 min car trip from my parents house)? What was I thinking? Oh well distant memory. I have learned my lesson. We did get to go to the Zoo this weekend with Pop Pops. It was a beautiful day and lots of animals were out. It was super crowded though so it was tough to find parking but after about 25 minuets of looking we scored a great spot and had a fantastic time. 

Yesterday we went down to the Eastern Shore in Maryland to my cousin Elizabeth's son's baby christening. Adam is so sweet and the kids were so sweet with him. Addy was stroking his face tenderly and Luke was giving him kisses. I think they are going to love all over this new little addition that is coming to our family in September. We all had a great time catching up with all of our extended family. It made me miss everyone that much more. I was so blessed to grow up with all of my cousins and aunts and uncles right around the corner from me. It is sad to think that my kids won't have that experience in their childhood. I guess I will just have to do that much more to keep us all connected in different ways.

Today we are going with my mom down to the Natural History Museum. We are excited because we get to go in early before the public is allowed. It gets way to busy and crazy this time of year for me to want to take the kids during normal hours of operation. I am so glad my mom works there. The kids love exploring around. I think it will be  a great day. To top it all off James comes tonight!!! YEA!!! I am so excited. 

Pictures to come...

Thank goodness I gave Addy the binky back she has slept like a dream all week. Luke not so much but he has gotten much better the past two nights. I think he is finally used to his surroundings.