Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sibling Love

To Addy and Luke...I love you... I really really do!
Standing all on his own! Now lets work on the walking thing.
After nap hair. I love those little piggies!
Addy and her model pose. Such a little diva.

Can she get any cuter?

Sharing secrets. I am in love with my kids right now. They are playing together, holding hands in the car, reading books together and dancing the days away. 
Laughing and hugging... can life get any better?
Doesn't this picture remind you of an 80's movie (Foot Loose). Addy is all about picking her own clothes these days. She is a born dancing girl and wants everyone to know it. 

Monday, January 26, 2009

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Yes that is right... Luke has double ear infection # 11. 

Dr. appointment made.

Tubes soon.

Oh my poor boy!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Barack Obedience

Mom: " Tomorrow we are going to have a new president of the United States of America. Do you remember what his names is?"
Addy: "What is his name?"
Mom: "Remember...Barack O---?" 

So for anyone who doesn't already know this our next president of the United States is going to be Barack Obedience

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My little baby growing up

Me: "Addy are you my kid?"
Addy: " No mommy, i'm your best friend!"
Me: "That's right Addy you are my best friend."

Addy: "Mommy I'm a princess.  Are you a queen?"
Me: "Yes I guess I am a queen."
Addy: "Yes mommy you are!"

Lately Addy's language development has exploded. It is amazing to watch her have clear and understandable conversations with people. The other day she even wanted to bear her testimony at church. I was a little reluctant to let her go up to the stand but she was insistent. She just kept tugging on my shirt telling me she had something to say. So I gave in and James took her up to the stand. When it was her tern to talk she took the microphone confidently in her hand and said:

"I want to say. I LOVE you. and I love everyone." I wish I had it recorded because the tone in her voice and inflections in her voice can not be repeated in words. She was proud and confident and totally unprompted by anyone. She had something to say and she said it. That's my girl! I have seen Addy blossom into a little girl who is changing before my very eyes. She is leaving the baby stage behind and it is a little sad, but I am so excited for this new stage in her life. Soon she will be starting pre-school which will bring a whole new and interesting element into her life and ours. 

Friday, January 09, 2009

What about me?

Luke was a little jealous that Addy and Daddy were outside playing in the snow so he wanted to make sure that his voice was heard. I wish I had had my video camera charged. He was banging on the window saying "da da da da!" He was insistent that they give him some attention. I think he is really going to realize their is a whole world waiting to be explored once he starts walking...which I hope is soon.

just a few more pics...

A few more DC Christmas pictures...

Luke and his that we will be giving up soon (I hope!)
Sweet Nana and Addy - I love seeing these two together. They have a very special bond. Every night Addy prays that Nana will walk again. And with her faith... I know she will.
Uncle Mike took Addy out on a date to see Bolt while we were in DC. She had a GREAT time with him (and Nancy and Bobby). She was asking the rest of the trip to see another movie with him. Next time...thanks uncle Mike
Addy and Pop Pops at Benihana for Luke's birthday lunch. This is our families favorite restaurant.
Addy got a new barbie computer for Christmas. Right after she opened it and things were calming down this is what I witnessed. It was so classic.

Monday, January 05, 2009

# 10

With infection # 10 now invading my son's ears and Addy throwing up we have postponed our trip back to Utah for a few more days.  I just couldn't face flying with two sick babies by myself. Thank goodness Southwest understood and only charged me a small fee to change the flight. I am also so grateful for Dr. friends here in DC who came over to diagnose Luke's ear infection.  Thank you to my Dr.s office who called in a prescription for little Luke. Hopefully it will kick in in time for our flight. 

So I think now after 10 ear infections we are going to have to get tubes... any advice. My poor little guy.

PS: James  I missed you tonight while we were watching the Bachelor. It is going to be a good season. Yes this is my guilty pleasure.