Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh man!

Luke is such a trooper. He slept through the night...YEA! and has been favoring his left hand all day long. We had his hand wrapped for most of the day but he decided that he didn't like it anymore and pulled it off. I am just glad that ginormous blister on his palm has not popped. I am praying it doesn't because there is a greater risk of infection that way. He is as happy as ever today and its almost like nothing happened. Kids are amazingly resilient. Wow!
I am so glad Luke is so happy. I just love this kid!
On a lighter note I took advantage of some AWESOME black friday deals and braved the crowds at for some 5am shopping. I know I am crazy but I wanted to go before the kids woke up. It was an experience to say the least. I bought some things I have wanted to get that were sweet deals and I also bought some things that I really didn't that movie (or two).

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Burn baby

Luke is the most pleasant happy child. I love him with all of my heart. He is happy 99% of the time and is now sleeping through the night. What more could a mother ask for. When I started letting him cry it out to sleep it only took two days and he was going to sleep on his own without a peep out of him. Amazing! That is why what happened tonight made it all the more heart wrenching. So today is Thanksgiving. One of my favorite holidays. We had a great day of cooking fun, family and friends. While we were visiting with some friends tonight for a yummy dinner Luke crawled over to their gas fireplace and pushed his little palm against the glass casing. Of course I saw it all happen in slow motion. It was so sad. He just gave me this look like "what did I just do" and then let out the most blood curdling scream. How do you console an inconsolable child who is thrashing around in your arms because the pain is just too intense to bare? Every painful cry he let out I was crying just as hard inside. The blisters started to grow soon after the incident and now is poor hand is covered with big and little blisters. James thinks that they are second degree burns. He is now finally asleep. The poor little guy. I am sure he will be fine. Just keep him in your prayers. There is something particularly sad and painful when I hear Luke cry. I just hope it doesn't last long. 

Friday, November 21, 2008

Dr. Addy makes a house call

While James was sick Addy decided to check him out with her new doctor kit. It was so cute I had to document it. She walked around the house all day with her dr. kit trying to check everyone in the houses temperature. Maybe there is a future medical dr. in the family.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It passed!!!

Oh finally! The stone passed and James does not have to have surgery now. What a relief! Thank you for all of your prayers. Cute pictures to come of Addy playing doctor to our sick patient. Very cute!

James update

Well tomorrow we are scheduled for surgery. Poor James has developed an infection due to the stone and will now have to undergo the knife to get it out. Yikes! I just want to see him finally out of pain. Please keep the prayers coming. I know they are felt by him and the rest of our family. Hopefully he will pass the stone tonight and we will have to avoid any hospital experience. One time in one week is enough for him!
My mom came into town to help out with the kids while James has been sick. What a blessing mom's are. I am forever grateful that she has been here with us.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Still waiting...

No birth yet...of the stone that is. We are crossing our fingers for this week sometime. I just hate seeing poor James in so much pain. 

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Underwear head?

While I was putting Luke to sleep a few days ago I came into Addy's room to retrieve her and this is what I found...underwear head. Thats my girl!

Friday, November 14, 2008

"i'm grateful for...kidney stone attacks"

its been nearly 24 hours now since i last slept. well i take that back. i guess i did get a hour at about 3:30am yesterday but do we really count an hour as real sleep. my poor husband woke up last night with wretched pain and thus began my marathon day. after a trip to the er we were told kidney stone attack was the diagnosis. still not passed. still in pain. still nausea's, still as cute as ever. my poor James

in order to document this day properly i want to do it in the form of..."I'm grateful for's"

I'm grateful for...

1. the fact that it was him and not me. childbirth was enough for me i don't want to experience a kidney stone...EVER!

2. i am grateful for friend # 1 who ran to our rescue at 12:45am to stay home with our kids while we rushed off to the er

3. i am grateful that Luke woke up last night (yes you heard me right!). if he hadn't woken up i would have never known James was doubled over in pain in our basement guest room...where he went because he didn't want to wake me.

4. i am grateful that the er visit wasn't too long. we were in by 12:50am and home by 3am. not bad for an er visit.

5. i am grateful for friend #2 who took Addy for a play date this morning so i could tend to the sick and afflicted.

6. i am grateful the Lord answers my prayers, because i know i have said my fair share the past 24 hours. 

7. i am grateful for family. oh how i miss them when crisis comes into our lives. 

8. i am grateful for our expert in all that relates to kidney stones and such, friend #3 and #4 for that matter, they have been our home base for advice and a wealth of knowledge on the subject of pain management, side effects, and what to look for all day! oh how we are indebted to you for all of your time you gave to us today. yes that's you Adrienne.

9. i am grateful for friend # 5 who came right over when i called, to feed my daily addiction           ( 32 oz'er ok for real today was a 40 something oz'er). i know i am so bad!

10. i am so grateful for the love and concern people have expressed. WOW.

11. i am so grateful that the lord has given me the strength and stamina today to play several different roles, and wear several different hats...nurse, wife, mother, teacher, housekeeper, cook, dishwasher, toilet bowl scrubber, chauffeur, errand runner, etc. 

12. i am grateful for Dr. friend #6, you know who you are. thank you for everything!

so those are all of my "i'm grateful for's" so far. sorry if i missed any. i will be more coherent after i get some sleep i think. I'm crossing my fingers for a good night's rest, but something tells me its going to be anther long one. I'm still hoping though.

ps: Addy broke my shift key and i was to lazy to use my left hand to shift all my caps. hopefully it will get fixed soon. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Something to make you smile

This video was taken today while we were eating lunch. Addy has been quite the conversationalist lately. She talks all the time and about anything and everything. James made an interesting observation tonight by saying that it is fun to see her spewing out all of the information we have been feeding her or rather what she has been observing from us. Today when I got her dressed in her ballet dress she gave me a curtsy and said "your wish is my command." Where she came up with that one I have no idea. I don't think I have ever said that. We are slowly working on giving up the binki (emphasis on slowly). She loves her binki and we only let her use it to sleep at night but I know it is time to let it go. I am thinking about taking it away from both her and Luke, but I am just thinking!  If anyone has any good tricks please share...

Luke has officially said his first word (that is a word other then mama and dada). He now knows how to say Addy. Although it usually comes out "Adda". This little boy LOVES his sister, and Addy LOVES her brother. I hope it is always this way. Luke is also crawling (on hands and knees) all over the place. He is up and down stairs and pulling up and walking along anything within his reach. He has also stood on his own for a few seconds at various times. I feel like he has gained so much independence these past few weeks. He is now exploring everything, I mean EVERYTHING. I often wonder if my house will ever be clean and tidy again. One day...I hope.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Fun

Last night we had a great time trick or treating! Addy woke up in the morning so excited to get some "treats."  As you can see we ultimately ended up with a little ducky and a pink poodle. I tried several (I mean SEVERAL) different costumes for Addy. She didn't like anything, including this the poodle costume. But I told her that if she didn't wear it then she wouldn't get any treats. She quickly changed her tune. Overall we had a great time. The kids were so cute and Luke did AWESOME for just going along for the ride. We ended the night with our good friends Nancy and Robert at a fun little Halloween party. Have I mentioned lately how much I love the holiday season! 

This picture was taken before we even started trick or you can see she is already clutching a pink lollipop. That was the first of many treats for the night.

My cute little Lukey Duck hanging out in the leaves. His favorite place to play as of late.