Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fannie and Freddie

I love this post that my sister-in-law Noelle just posted! It is just so true!

Scripture Video 2


Friday, September 26, 2008

Wall Family Sneak Peak

This family was so much fun to photograph. They had some of the most beautiful children I have ever had the pleasure of photographing. Here is a little sneak peak from the shoot. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hill Family Photo shoot Sneak Peak...

It was so much fun to photograph this family. After 40 years of marriage this couple is still very much in love. So sweet!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Why is it that I just spent the last two hours trying to put our kids to bed. There is something wrong with that. Even after resorting to bribery, which did not work, Addy still screamed, negotiated, kicked and even took the child safety lock off the door...what? I mean seriously how did she figure out how to take a child lock off the door? She is a child that is what they market too right? CRAZY!!!!! I am now going to drown my fatigue in blogging.

At least I did get a seriously cute haircut today! 

Luke finally has a crib! It's a long story why it has taken 9 months to get one but that doesn't matter now. It is here and it is perfect in his room! I also got some great Skip Hop bedding on clearance at Marshall's! Love a good deal.
A new favorite activity for Addy...bushing her teeth (or rather sucking the toothpaste off of the toothbrush)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Convo with Addy:

Addy sighted a dirty diaper in the room that I had yet to throw away. 

Addy: "Oh mommy this is garbage (pointing to the diaper)"
Mom: "yes it is"
Addy: "I will throw it away." 
Addy starting to walk away stops quickly sticks her finger out to me...
Addy: "I'll just be a second mom."

so cute!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

This week in pictures

This week has been busy. The other day I just didn't have the energy to clean up the kids high chairs. The mess they make is just overwhelming sometimes. So I let it sit for a day. I try never to do this but I just didn't have the energy to get down on the floor yet again and clean up the mess. I am happy to report now though that the kitchen is clean. So that's good...right?
Today I cleaned out four of my diaper bags.  This is what I found in them. YIKES!!! I really should clean them out more often I know. Items included: 1 cell phone, 4 bibs, 6 baggies of goldfish/crackers, 1 bag of carrots (and yes some were molded ...yuck!), 7 pens, 1 crayon, 7 diapers, two packs of wipes (empty), 1 baggie of wipes, one ice pick cleaner (why I have this in my diaper bag in the summer I don't know!), 2 packs of antibacterial hand lotion, 6 lollipops, sunglasses, 2 juice boxes, tons of old receipts, tons of baby toys, and one necklace. 
Addy and her olive fingers. I think Addy loves olives as much as her mommy does.
Addy playing camera with pink sidewalk chalk. 

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mother's reflection

I love nap time at our house! Not for the obvious reasons though. Yes I do get one sometimes two whole hours to myself, but its not that that I love the most. I love the time right before I put my kids down. The moments when Luke begins to fall asleep in my arms as I rock him. The time I get to cuddle up with Addy and she hugs me tight and whispers in my ear that she loves me.  I love the peace that comes after a usually very busy morning running errands, playing and eating.  I love checking in on my little ones as they are soundly sleeping.  I often wonder what are they dreaming about. Are they happy? Do they feel loved? As a mother you wonder if you are doing the best for your children. I just know that I am doing the best as a mother when I can take the time to stop and ponder those precious moments. 

Last night Luke slept through the night...before I hear the cheers (yes it was a great advancement for him). Addy unfortunately did not. Let me just say that it is only on rare occasions that Addy will wake up at night. If she does she is VERY easy to put back to bed. Last night was a different story. For dinner Addy ate a lot of broccoli. It is a favorite of hers so she really loaded up on it. I had this sneaking thought that because she was eating so much she might get a stomach ache, and that maybe I should stop her. I dismissed it thinking... well at least it is something healthy to eat. Lesson learned...moderation in ALL things. Addy woke up around 11pm with a raging stomach ache. She was arching and thrashing around. She was screaming in pain and would only be held by me. I finally got her calmed down and laid down with her in her little twin bed. And that is how it went for most of the night. For the first three hours she woke up about 5 times with stomach pain episodes then she slept soundly for the rest of the night. Unfortunately for me I was tucked up against the wall sharing her small twin bed as she sprawled out on the bed. I tried to leave several times but each time she felt me move to get up, even when I was sure she was finally asleep, she would call out to me. "Stop Mommy" and grab me and cling to me for dear life. So I was resolved to get a not so good nights sleep to help my little angle feel save, secure and loved. 

At one point around 1am James came in and gave her a blessing. When she finally calmed down enough to receive one she folded her arms reverently and said "Ok daddy you can say a prayer." It was so sweet and I will cherish that memory forever. Children are so strong even when in pain and she exhibited so much faith at her tender young age. 

At moments like these my thoughts turn to Christian and Stephanie. Their great will to live, and the fight they are enduring. They are not able to be with their children right now and I pray that one day they will all be reunited healthy and happy.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


Today we had a wonderful afternoon. Naps, family time and a nice drive up the canyon. Luke was more then cute today. He was so yummy I just wanted to swallow him up! He was saying "mama mama" every time I was out of his sight. I love watching his language develop. James taught him "light" so every time we say light to him he looks up at the ceiling looking for the light. It is so fascinating to watch him grow.

Church today was yet again another challenge. We are trying so hard to teach Addy to be reverent but it is just so hard for her to sit still for an hour (today it was two because we had a regional conference). Does anyone out there have any suggestions for helping teach reverence? I would like any help I can get. 

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Thursday, September 04, 2008

All Quite on the Western Front

Its quite in my house right now. A miracle I think. I put Luke down at 9am, rocked him a little (just a little) and then left the room. He started to cry as soon as I was out of his sight of course. I went in after 10 min wre-wrapped him again (did not pick him up) and resolved myself that I would not go back in again. And now...20 min later...the sweet sound of nothing, nada, silence. Oh happy day! He did it! Went to sleep on his own, crying nonetheless, but he is asleep and that's all that matters to me. I am so happy!!! Addy is content washing dishes (yes I am a slave driver making my 2 year old child wash dishes). Actually she loves it! It's pretty much water play to her. I am happy to sit here watching her have a good time. Luke did pretty well last night with his sleep. He woke up once at his usual time.  I put his binki back in and left quickly and he did not wake up again. It was great! If only Addy had slept as well. She has been fighting a runny nose all day yesterday so her congestion got the best of her and woke up. She also fell off the bed which I had this strange feeling was going to happen. (The great mystery...how does a child fall off the end of a twin bed. I mean she worked her way all the way from one end of the bed in her sleep to the other end. (we have a guard rail on the side.) and then proceeds to fall off. What?  She too went back to bed pretty easily once she was safely tucked in with her baby and binki ( I know, I know my child still uses a binki). It's a bad habit we  need to brake. I just can't do potty training and binki removal at the same time. I have to pick my battles. Right?

Anyway, still quiet 9:54. I am loving this! Now hopefully he will wake up in time to go to toddler reading time at the Library. We shall see. 

This is the first time ever I have used my kitchen Aid mixer. We have had it in the box since our wedding. Its nice to finally be able to brake it out! Addy and I  made some cookies the other day while Luke was napping. They didn't turn out as they usually do, but they were still yummy. I think there is some trick to cooking at higher altitude that I don't know yet. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

"I understand Mommy"

Ok so last night we had a LONG night. Poor Luke has been waking up a ton this past few weeks. So last night I decided that it would be time to start "cry it out." I hate HATE doing this method. I just don't really know what else to do. I know that I have spoiled Luke with the rocking  and cuddling for him to fall asleep. He has not been able to fall asleep any other way. So he woke up once at 9:30pm just about the time James and I were going to bed (finally early for once.) He went back to bed pretty easy when I just gave him is binki. Then around 12:30 good things went bad. I was awaken from my peaceful sleep to that ever so famiular crying. Well I went in to comfort him (re-swaddling him only) and then putting him back into his bed, and the crying started up again as soon as I walked out of his sight. Anyway, that was the story on and off until 2:45am. I finally went in for the last time wrapped him up and caved and rocked him. At that point he fell asleep almost instantly. I am just at a loss as the best way to resolve this problem. I think I need to re-read my baby books. Any suggestions??? 

Also, on an Addy note. Lately if she wants something she will grab it and yell out "ITS MINE!" Today it was Jame's deodorant. Well I didn't think that it was appropriate for Addy to play with his deodorant so I took it from her and tried to explain that she had to play with something else. First she turned on the water works crying for it back but then she dried them up quickly and grabbed it out of my hand and stated declaratively: " It's mine, Mommy! Do you understand?" I did everything I could from not laughing. Lately James and I have been in the habit of saying to her "Addy do you understand what I am saying." She always replies "I understand Mommy." Now I guess I am just getting a taste of my own words! 

I am just blessed to go to bed tonight with a smile on my face from the memories of a wonderful day!

Monday, September 01, 2008


Today I decided to hit Kohls in town and see if there were any good sales. As we approached the store I realized that it was not yet open (grand opening Oct 1). Anyway, the mall was right across the street so I figured I'd pop over and meet up with my friend Nancy. As we were driving out of the Kohls parking lot Addy yelled out... " I want to go to Kohls." I explained to her that it was closed but that we would go to the mall instead. She exclaimed :"Oh the Mall that's a great idea. That is perfect!" Well there's no denying who's daughter this one is! She loves LOVES to shop. While at the mall she got a small treat, a yellow flower ring, for her growing accessory collection. As we were leaving when I finally got her strapped in the car she shouted. "I want to go to more stores. More stores mommy!" Ahhhhhhh.... what have I created?