Sunday, August 31, 2008


Today's conversation with Addy:

Addy wanted to help clean up the mess on the floor from dinner tonight so being the helpful child that she is she ran to get the broom. As she was swirling the food on the floor (into an even bigger mess) she stopped short and put the edge of the broom handle up to her face and said. "Mommy its a bassoon." I had to race through my memory and quickly registered what she was saying. I replied "yes Addy are you playing the bassoon?" Addy then said matter of factly " Well yes Mommy!" First of all how did she know what a bassoon was and how did she put together that a broom and a bassoon looked alike. This girl is way too smart for me sometimes.

At dinner tonight we were telling Addy about the hurricane coming in New Orleans. As we were talking Addy stopped our conversation and stated (folding her arms quickly across her chest) "We should pray for them Mommy." How sweet is that.

During church today Addy was in her usual form. She was getting antsy shortly after we sat down. I, being the well prepared mother that I am, came with a big bag of snacks for her to munch on. When she got bored with those she looked up at me and said pointing to another little girl in front of us. "Her dress is beautiful Mommy. I want it!" Then she jumped down off my lap and looked up to me and said "Mommy I go sit with sister Blacker, she's my best friend." Who has apparently become Addy's new best friend in church. So off she went a couple of rows behind up and sat with her new best friend. It was so funny!

As I was putting Addy to bed tonight I tucked her in with all of her many animals, babies, blankets and pillows that she sleeps with she then said to me: "Mommy I want my other red baby" (she has two babies that are exactly the same) I looked all over the room and as Addy was watching me not able to locate it she started to do her new favorite laugh. Which is actually more like a chuckle. I said to her that I couldn't find it and in her laugh she said: "Silly Mom she's in the car." She was watching me thinking to herself that this crazy mom was looking all over the room when she knew full well the baby was in the car. And when I went down to get it...yup there she was!

On another fun note. Luke started waving hi. Its so cute! He only does it when not asked to of course. James spent much of the morning trying to get him to wave hi but he would not do it. Then when I went in to change his diaper after a nap he looked up at me and was waving hi. It was so cute. Also, Luke has started waking up again at night. It is starting to drive me CRAZY!!! I thought we were through that stage but now its 3 or 4 times a night. I am so sleep deprived! Any suggestions for getting an almost 9 months old to sleep through the night again.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby Reiker Newborn photos

This weekend I had the chance to do a newborn shoot with a sweet little two week old baby boy. He was so tiny. It made me realize how small Luke and Addy once were. When I lifted him he was as light as a feather. So sweet! I love photographing newborns and their parents because you can capture in them such wonder, awe, love and joy! Hopefully I captured that for this family. 

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Balloon Launch

Christian and Stephanie

I am sure many of you have already read about this but a friend of mine Christian and his cute wife Stephanie were in a tragic plane crash last week. They suffered burns over a huge percentage of their bodies. Tonight in Provo, and all over the world really, there will be a balloon launch in their honor. Christian and Stephanie have four small children and with the long recovery road ahead a fund has been set up to help cover the millions of dollars worth of medical bills that they will face. I don't know Stephanie but Christian was one of the nicest people I have ever met. I have read about his sweet wife and their darling family on Stephanies blog NiNi. Please feel free to donate to this amazing family, and if you can't support financially please keep the Neilson family in your prayers. They are truly inspirational! You can read updates on the family on Stephanie's sisters blog Cjanerun. You can donate here:

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our Big Family Weekend O' Fun

We just finished a fun filled weekend with visits from most of James' side of our family! At one point we had 8 adults and 9 children all at our house. Needless to say it was crazy but sooooooo much fun! We had a blast with everyone and miss them tons already! While they were here we managed to get a few home improvement projects done. I am pretty happy with how things turned out. A HUGE thank you to my brother in law jeff who is the craftsman of the family! He put up the most beautiful moldings in Addy and Luke's rooms. Here are some fun pictures of our family gathering! We LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Addy and her "twin" cousin Kate! These girls are so cute together! It was so much fun to see them after over a year. We will never let it go that long again.
Luke's little feet after a bath. yummmmmy!
Addy and her big cousin Anna
My photo wall I just finished hanging. I still have to change the mats and pictures in some frames but I am happy with how it looks so far.
All of the cousins together. My good camera was dead so this was done with my point and shoot. It was almost impossible to get them all to cooperate...actually all the kids did great the picture except for Addy. She missed her nap that day and was NOT a happy camper.
Cute Cadeson
Grams, Luke and Anna. This picture was taken while Luke was laughing. He has the cutest laugh.
My smiley little guy!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Home Warranty

As a new home owner I wish to share a bit of wisdome that I have learned since making this HUGE purchase. For anyone reading this blog who is considering buying a home now or in the future I have one thing to say...BUY the HOME WARRANTY. It was an extra $200 or so and it has saved us a boat load of money so far. It is so funny when I talk to my parents because they say when you buy a new home things always seem to go wrong at the same time. First it was our dryer vent ( we found a birds nest in it), then the fridge was broken, the garbage disposal was spraying water all over, and the garage door would not close. After thinking the worse was behind us (we got them all fixed), we got a huge shock when I was cooking dinner tonight. BOOM... Power Out...explosion in the oven. So now I guess our oven is kapoot! Whats up with that? At least it is covered by our home warranty. So now if it can't be fixed we get a brand new one... YEA!!! The worst part is we have a ton of family in town visiting now and we are without an oven. Hummmm... I guess I will have to get creative with our cooking. So lesson learned: Things WILL go wrong when you first buy a house, and BUY a home warranty it could save you thousands in the long run!

Also, we have been enjoying some fun home improvement/decorating projects. This is my latest. I have always dreamed of doing a huge wall of family photos. I took the idea from Martha Stewart and tried to copy. I think it turned out great! I am going to change a few photos but I love how the overall look is!

Oh man I thought I took a picture but I have not yet... that will come soon.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

My little Addy

Oh how I love this girl....

Friday, August 08, 2008


Today during nap time I went to check on Addy. She apparently thought it would be easier to sleep with her leg in a box then rested comfortably in her bed...ok...whatever!

Addy Speaks Whale

Another addyism...

This is a letter I recently wrote to the Ellen show. It relates a pretty hysterical story about Addy:

Dear Ellen,

I just had to tell you the latest story about my two year old Addy. Lately she has become a huge fan of Finding Nemo. If she had her way she would watch it all day long. Anyway, we recently moved so during our packing phase I know I let her watch it a little too many times. This was evident on a Sunday, just a few weeks ago, while attending church (during a very quiet moment of reflection) Addy belts out these wild sounds at the top of her lungs. At the end of the random noises she states to me, matter of factly mind you, "Mom, Addy speaks whale! Addy speaks whale." I tried so hard to hold back my smiles and laughter (we have been working on being reverent at church) but it came bursting out. What was she talking about? Then it came to me Dori...Finding Nemo. It all made sense. I guess Dori did have something to teach my little girl... how to speak whale. She now prances around our house speaking whale. She especially likes to speak it to her 8 month old brother who apparently knows it too because when I see them together it seems as though they are having some whale like conversation. Anyway, thank you Ellen for teaching my daughter a new language at such an young age!

Thank you,


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

We made it!

Ok so sorry this post is WAY overdue! We made it to Utah! We are so excited and happy to be here. We LOVE our new house. Addy is having a great time running around from her room, to the family room and everywhere in between. James is also enjoying tinkering in his garage (what he does in there for hours on end I will never know...its his man cave I guess). I love it though. Most of all I am just loving all of the space in our house. I just wish it was a little cooler outside and I also wish that we didn't have a major yellow jacket infestation in our backyard. I can't wait for the kids to be able to play outside (the pest control people are coming tomorrow!) The past two weeks have been CRAZY but we did survive. Thanks to the help of my mom and dad ( I LOVE YOU BOTH!)! James and my dad made the drive across country while I flew with the kids and met my mom and Bobby out here in Utah. We have had fun driving around and reminiscing about old college times. I think it will be very different being here as a married couple now with kids.

Kid updates:
Addy is now sleeping in a big girl bed. Ever since we left St. Louis we put Addy in a big girl bed. She is loving it! We have yet to have any Major problems with it. Although just now I checked on Addy (who is supposed to be napping) and she was up playing in her room. Silly girl.

Luke is officially sitting up on his own. We have been practicing this for some time now. He is enjoying his new view of the world unsupported. He loves his Daddy too! James has been able to spend so much time with Luke these past few weeks. It has been so much fun seeing them bond. James loves to put Luke to sleep. Oh they are just so cute together.

One great benefit of living in Utah is that we have already had visitors. My mom and dad and uncle bobby and cousin Macy have all made appearances at our new residence. It is so wonderful knowing that we will see family more often. We love you all!