Wednesday, January 30, 2008


After three weeks away, we are finally back home safe. Thanks to my mom for traveling with me and the two little ones. I have to say it is great to be home! I miss everyone in DC, as does Addy. She keeps talking about all of her aunts and uncles and of course her Mimi and Pop pops. My mom was able to stay with us for a few days and then she was off and we were on our own. It is nice to be able to figure out a new routine with two little ones now. On Monday we had a bunch of Dr.s appointments, a little jaundice scare (everything worked out fine though) so it was a bit crazy but we survived. Yesterday went great, I even made a yummy dinner...I think James was impressed. Today again was a great day, I even got a nap in while Luke and Addy were napping. Last night Luke slept 7 hours straight. It was AWESOME!!! I do have to say I was getting a little sleep deprived and depending WAY to much on my coke/dr.pepper every day (I know I need to give it up!). Addy has enjoyed rediscovering all of her toys again (we will see how long it lasts until she gets board again), and we have even had two playdates since we got home. She loves seeing her friends. If there is one thing I know for sure its that Addy loves playing with other kids, or maybe its other kids toys? Only two things to complain about...not really complain but report. Luke has been struggling with some reflux since he has been born. I realized the best place for him to sleep was in his car seat because he is sitting up and it helps with his digestion. Anyway, today after I finished feeding him he projectile vomited all over me. Luckily I was holding him facing out so most of it landed on my pants and of course on him. It was quite an event.

Addy has had a few battles with me about Luke's car seat. She seems to think that it is hers. She will climb in with her baby and binki and blanket and tell me she is going night night. I don't mind this when we are at home but once we have to leave or I make her get out the fits start. Luckily she is easily distracted so they don't last too long. Oh well I guess that's just part of being a mother, or at least the mother of an almost two year old. The best part about the car seat thing is Addy will walk around the family room trying to carry the car seat (why do they make those things so dang heavy??) saying to me "strong Addy, Strong Addy." Something of course I am supposed to validate with an enthusiastic "Wow Addy you are strong!"

                                                 This was happening at the same time as...
Addy is into making tents with blankets lately. Today we made a tent and put all of her babies in it...oh and can't forget Elmo peering out the side of the couch. (Thanks Heather for the Elmo. Addy loves it!)
This is a picture of Addy and her new friend Michelle. We miss you and wish you lived closer!
                                                            Crazy Hair Day!!!

As I was writing this blog (earlier today) Addy went over to Luke got down close to his face and gave him a butterfly kisses (rubbing her nose against his). She is such a good big sister and LOVES her "Wukey Wukey."

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Passing of President Hinckley

For more information please visit:

We are so sad at the loss of our great president and prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 

Thursday, January 24, 2008


How much do I love my dear friend Nancy!!! Thank you so much for taking the cutest pictures of my little "strawberries!" You are the BEST PHOTOGRAPHER (and of course friend) EVER!!! Thank you!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Miss you Daddy!

The following pictures were taken on my parents Mac photo booth. It is so cool!
Mommy and Luke
I am so glad Luke knows how to give kisses
We miss you Daddy!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

just a few things...

A few things have been on my mind lately...

1. I hate the in between sizes after having a baby! I feel like a big frump! Today I went shopping with my mom and sister and once again left the only one empty handed. It was so depressing because the deals were AMAZING!!! I tried on a ton of stuff at H & M and Zara's (two of my favorites) and NOTHING!!! It was quite frustrating! I figure once I am home and away from the many sweets and treats that surround me at my parents house I will be able to lose those pesky last 10 lbs and once again fit into some of my clothes! I mean seriously I am not pregnant anymore so I should not be wearing maternity clothes still...right?

2. Whats up with the fact that my baby is growing so fast...actually I have to say my babies! Addy and Luke have grow so much over the past few weeks . I don't know how big Luke is now but I feel like he looks like a three month old and he is only 5 weeks! He is even fitting into some of his 3-6 month clothes! I love that he is starting to look more and more like a baby! I feel like he is on the verge of smiling. Its so fun to just stare into his eyes and watch him study my face. I love the quiet moments like that. My sister caught this great picture of him today. You can see a hint of his one little dimple on his right cheek. So cute!!! Addy too is getting so big. I think when we get home we are going to have to go on a sugar detox. Addy has been loaded up on sweets and treats since we got to DC. When we leave I know she is going to miss her cookies and Ice cream along with everything else she loves most about visiting Mimi and pop pops house.

3. I am so excited about the Jane Austen Masterpiece Theater series that is going on right now. If you don't know I am a HUGE HUGE Jane Austen fan! When I was in High School I wrote a 25 page research paper on Sense and Sensibility (one of my favorite books of hers). Her stories are timeless, and speak to the heart of every romantic (and others). Next week is one of my favorites, Mansfield Park. It is quite entertaining! If you have not seen it yet it should be on your public TV station on Sunday night. Enjoy!

4. OK so I have one more thing to say...why is it that we have to sleep newborns on their back when sleeping on their tummy's are so much more comfortable for them. I know about the SIDS risks and all but seriously! Luke sleeps so much better on his tummy (I let him nap on his tummy when he is sitting next to me). When he is on his back, even when he is swaddled, he is so uncomfortable. He grunts and groans, yet when he is on his tummy he sleeps so soundly. Any comments...
Another picture Emily took of Addy. I thought this was so cute of her! Thanks EM

Monday, January 14, 2008

4 weeks old

Luke is 4 weeks old. We made our second journey out shopping today. It was a little better then the first ( so traumatic I can't really write about it!). We took Addy to the play area first and that helped a lot. Addy loves the indoor play areas in the malls. I always said I would never take my kids to them because if you know me I am sort of a germ-a-phobe. OK so that went all out the window when Addy started walking! It truly is one of the only things that make mall shopping trips worth it. At least there are antibacterial wipes and spray available.  
Last night Luke slept from 9pm to 3am and then to 7am. It was so awesome! He didn't make a peep in between. I think the gas drops were helping. Hopefully tonight will go good again...although I am not crossing my fingers. Every day/night is different.
Addy playing with Uncle Mike. She LOVES him! 
One of the only positions Luke really enjoys. It helps relieve his tummy troubles

Mimi and baby Luke. 

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Growing so fast

On Monday Luke is going to be 4 weeks old. He is growing so fast! I finally realized that he is actually grown out of his newborn clothes. Its bittersweet! Each day I fall more and more in love with him. Last night I had him sleep in his car seat because nighttime is not a fun time for the little guy. Because he struggles with major gas issues he slept much better being in a sitting up position then lying down. In turn... I slept much better as well. Hopefully this is a turning point. I am not really sure what to do for him in regards to his gas issues. I have been giving him mylacon drops and that seems to work sometimes and not others. If anyone has any suggestions please comment! Luckily he does not cry when he is struggling with his little tummy troubles. He just grunts and moans.  It just makes me think that he is going to have a little stoic personality! 
Addy is getting a lot better with her "little brother" too. She was a little disinterested in him the first week we were in DC. I think all of the other fun distractions were taking her attention! Now she (without prompting) she will give her little brother hugs and kisses and when he is grunting she pats him lightly on the back to burp him. Its so sweet!
Here are a few pictures I took of little Luke! My dear friend Nancy is going to do a little photo shoot with him and Addy (as soon as I get them new little outfits to wear). I can't wait!

my little sleeper
Getting into trouble face! What is she up to now?
Addy playing with Mimi's scale...she is 24.5lbs now! Big Girl!!!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Our DC visit

We have been here in DC for the past few days. Things are going great so far! Addy is having a wonderful time with all of her aunts and uncles and Mimi and Pop-pop. We have also had so much fun introducing little Luke to our family! Here are a few pictures of our trip so far...

Nana and Luke. He was so perfect...slept in her arms the entire visit.
Addy hugging Luke. I love to see this!
Our little family
Uncle Mike is one of the favorites of both Addy and Luke. Luke could not take his eyes off of Mike while he was holding him.
Wide awake! I love this look.

Favorite uncle Mike!
Our sleepy boy