Saturday, February 24, 2007

Nap Advice Needed

Addy turned 9 months old last week and ever since then she has been giving me nap trouble. She goes to sleep at night fine now…thank goodness, but now she is just sitting in her crib talking to herself during nap times. She does not cry or anything. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get her to go to sleep? Should I change her nap schedule? Is this just a phase? Please I need some advice!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Bow Crazy

Ok so last night I got my crafters hat on and went bow crazy. I got an idea yesterday from a friend of mine and she inspired me to make some new bows for Addy. I not only made her 14 new bows I also made a bow holder to go with it. James was pretty shocked to see me sitting on the family room floor with paint, a glue gun, endless fabric and ribbons and even a piece of wood surrounding me when he got home from work. I did get pretty focused on my projects and I will admit that I didn't really pay much attention to my husband who had worked late last night...sorry James. Anyway, here are the finished products.

Friday, February 16, 2007

A letter to Addy

Dear Addy,

Today I walked in to your room to get you up from your nap and you were standing. You were actually standing up in your crib! With a big smile as you greeted me. I picked you up in my arms and hugged you for a long time. I love to kiss your face, so does your dad. You don’t like it that much but you are sweet to tolerate it. Most of the time you will turn your face away but today you gave me kisses back. I missed you while you were napping. Your sweet smile, the way when I put you down on the floor you always seem to crawl back to me. The way you want to be on my lap when I am typing at the computer so you can be a big girl and type too. You are growing up so fast. What happened to the time when you were so little you felt lighter then a feather when I picked you up? You were so fragile I checked on you at least 10 times a night to make sure you were still breathing. At nine months old today I have see you grow and change every day. It must be so exciting, and scary for you. Yesterday I got down on your level; I mean I looked up to see the world from your point of view, everything so big and overpowering. The world must seem so exciting to you. Addy, you are fearless! I mean really fearless. Yesterday when you were crawling around you found the stairs for the first time. I stood back to observe what you would do with this newfound adventure. You plunged in without hesitation. You started up the first step, pushing with your arms then with your feet. You made it up one step. I was so proud! I thought what a smart child I have. I figured you would realize that you were stuck now on the first step, but I quickly saw that you were not going to stop there. Do you know that you crawled up that entire flight of stairs on the first try. I crawled along right behind you watching you in amazement. I am so lucky to share in these precious moments with you…to be your mother.

Love forever and ever,


Waking up from a nap

Happy to see mom

Addy's new favorite toy...a are so easily entertained.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

The past few days we have been living in a winter wonderland. It started sleeting and snowing today and it has been going that way all day long. It is beautiful out but I was going stir crazy today. There is nothing worse than not having the option to leave your house. I mean I don't necessarily go out every day but if I don't even have the chance then I just go crazy! Luckily James was able to come home early and we had the afternoon and evening to spend together as a family.

Because of the price hikes on Valentines Day we decided that we would make it a tradition to celebrate Valentines Day on Feb 13th. I woke up this morning to a sweet surprise from James. We were supposed to go to dinner tonight but had to take a rain check, there will be no driving in this weather. Here are some fun pictures from our day! Enjoy and Happy Love Day!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Growing up too fast

In the past week Addy started crawling on her hands and knees, pulling herself up, walking along the furniture, and today she took a few steps on her own...Whats up with that? I thought these stages would last at least a few weeks if not months each, not a matter of days! I think she is really loving her new found independence.

Also for the past few nights Addy has slept from 7pm-7am. I am still crossing my fingers that it will last but we are hopeful! I have to talk in church on Sunday so I better get back to writing my talk. Just wanted to post a few fun pics. Enjoy!
PS: Good luck Tressa...we hope you have the baby soon!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


So our offer was not accecpted for the house. Bummer... but its ok. We are trying to keep perspective about it. I know the right thing will work out some day! Until then...we wait!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad

Ok so I just wanted to wish my dad a very happy birthday! He is the most wonderful example of wishing people happy birthday so I hope he feels the cyber love from his mid-west family! We love you DAD!
Today we found out that we got a counter offer to our offer we made on the house last week. We countered again so now we wait. Hopefully something works out. I am pretty surprised they even countered because we offered a low bid. Needless to say we are thrilled at the thought of finally getting into a house with a yard and space. I never thought a yard would get me so excited. Now that Addy is moving around it will be great to know she will have a safe place to play outside. We are anxiously anticipating the arrival of Spring. We have been living in frigid temperatures here. It is crazy! The other day it was -8 degrees with wind chill.

Sleeping Issues

Addy is finally going to sleep on her own...although she is still getting up at night at least (recently) twice...sometimes three times. I only get up with her one time otherwise I let her talk/cry herself back to sleep. Any advice would be appreciated. I am going crazy with lack of sleep. I thought that by now my 9-month-old daughter would be sleeping through the night. What is the deal? I can't wait until the day when I can actually sleep for 8 hours straight. Will it ever come?

James is doing our taxes right now and he is getting way too excited! It’s pretty funny. Until next time...

Can I just say… today I got all ambitious and made homemade baby food for Addy. Really it was just cooked carrots, but I was pretty proud of myself for actually cooking them and mashing them. So when I went to feed them to her she out right refused to eat them. I was shocked because for the most part Addy loves carrots. I was bummed out because I thought for sure she would eat them. She is not one to refuse much food. She usually eats anything I put in front of her. Oh well I guess I will just have to try again with her tomorrow.

Things I am grateful for:

1. My sweet Husband who brought home $5 Little Ceases Pizza for dinner– Yea! Tonight I don’t have to cook.
2. American Idol – I am sorry but I’m addicted
3. The new Valentines Day Carvel Ice Cream commercial (the one with the old couple… it is Hysterical!)
4. My sweet Addy…she learned how to pull herself up onto the furniture today! I am so proud of you Addy!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ashlyn Photo Shoot

So I have decided to start up my photography buisness here in Illinois. I have not done any real work since I left DC almost two years ago. I am so excited to get started again. Addy has thousands of photographs of herself and she is only 8 months old. I thought it was about time to use my creative outlet on other children and families. My first shoot here was for a friend of mine in our ward. She has a little two month old girl named Ashlyn. Here are some of my favorite photos from the shoot. I tried to get some with the natural light. She is such a cutie!

Oh and one more of Addy...always have to include her!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Food on Face, Food on Floor

Addy recently started figuring out that she can feed herself. She was trying to help me feed her dinner tonight, hence the mess. She was so cute as she reached out for the spoon and helped shove the baby food in her mouth with her hands. It is fun to watch her discover new abilities each day.

How can she be so messy yet look so cute?

James and I recently discovered that Addy loves listening to BYU choirs. One day James was flipping through the channels on our satellite and he stopped on the BYU channel. There was a women’s chorus singing. Addy was playing on the floor in front of him and she stopped what she was doing as soon as she heard the voices and looked up at the TV. James quickly pressed record on the DVR (My husband is so smart). She was mesmerized by the music. Now when she gets really fussy we turn that recording on and she quiets right down. It’s so cute! Who knew babies had such an affinity for music.

We also put an offer in on a GREAT house today! Cross your fingers. It is in forclosure, so its a good deal...just needs a little sweat equity. We are really hopeful!