Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A home for Addy

I think we found the deal of the century. For the past two years we have been looking for a house here in Edwardsville. We have targeted some of the neighborhoods in the area that we love and today we found the most amazing house in the greatest neighborhood for the perfect price! We are going to make an offer tomorrow. It even comes with a playground in the backyard! This neighborhood reminds me of the picture perfect 50's neighborhoods. I just imagine a housewife in her perfectly pressed dress standing in her kitchen window gazing out at the neighborhood mixing a bowl of cookies (by hand) waving at us as we pass by. Ahhhhh...the life.

Here are some pictures I recently took of Addy. She is growing up so fast. Recently she found her voice and she is starting to "talk" a lot. Her version of talking is loud high pitched screeching or sniffing in and out of her nose really fast. It is so funny but a little strange. She is only 8 months old and already she is exerting her independence.