Sunday, December 30, 2007

Two weeks old

Well the first two weeks of little Luke’s life are over. I can’t believe he has only been with us for two weeks because I can’t imagine life without him. He is such an angle. We are so happy everyone is now on the mend in our family. Little Luke has been in the hospital every day for the past 10 days. The Dr. told us yesterday though that he is in the clear. Our prayers were answered.  Although right after we got the good news that Luke was better I came down with a serious infection. It put me out for the past few days. I felt so bad because I could barley hold the baby. Luckily my sweet husband and in-laws were taking good care of the babies and me! I am feeling better now that the antibiotics have kicked in. YEA!!! What a crazy few weeks it has been. Hopefully the worst is over!

Here are a few more cute pictures:

Addy kissing Luke while he sits in his light bed.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Today the Dr. told us that we could take little Luke off the photo light therapy. I am so happy! He was pretty frustrated last night and was fussing and awake most of the night. I have never thought I would be happy to be awake all night with my baby but last night was a first. I was so happy to see him responding, fussing, and crying. He would only settle when I fed him or held him. It was pretty sweet. My mom left today and we were so sad to see her go. Luckly we will get to see mom again in just 10 days. She has been such an angle since she has been here. We would not have survived this week without all of her love and support! 

We are also excited for Christmas Eve tomorrow. James' Mom and Dad will be coming to visit for a week and we can't wait to see them! Addy has been talking about her grandparents from "Nona" for a long time! She is going to be one happy girl to see them. I also can't wait for them to meet little Luke! It is so exciting to be able to introduce him to family. We can't wait for the day when everyone else can meet him too!

Here are some recent pictures.. My two little loves
Addy's first snow experience
Addy in her little gym class. She loves to hang on the bars.

We LOVE Mimi
So sweet...

Luke with his mask after getting his light therapy
I wanted to take a few pictures of the kids together but Addy was tired (it was right at nap time). She would not let go of her baby or her binki.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Babies Cry

I have never been so grateful to hear a babies cry. I mean an honest “I am starving, FEED ME” cry. I still have not heard that from our little baby Luke. Born just five days ago Luke’s earthly journey so far has been a rocky one for his parents (a blissful sleep for him). When Luke was born he cried for the first three hours of his life. He could not be soothed. I was worried that we had another baby Addy on our hands and started to mentally prepare for all of the sleepless nights, bouncing, swaddling and shushing. After three hours though he calmed down fell asleep and really has not wanted to wake up for much since then. At first I thought I had been blessed with and angle child. He never cries I would tell friends and family who called with congratulations. “He is the prefect baby.” Shortly after we arrived home a few days ago, my mother instincts started to kick in that something might be wrong. He wouldn’t wake to eat. I mean I would have to practically strip him down and put cold rags on him to wake him up and even then it didn’t work. Yesterday morning I noticed that he was starting to turn really yellow. In the hospital we were told to look out for the yellow skin because his Jaundice levels were slightly elevated but nothing that they were really concerned about at the time. When we went in for our 5-day check up yesterday we were told that they needed to do a panel of blood work on Luke and then see what his levels were. The Dr. felt that he looked a little too yellow for it to be within the normal range. Anyway, after some major mishaps at the blood Lab, we finally go the results back and were told that his levels were spiking really high (21) and that we needed to bring him into the hospital for photo light therapy. I, as you can imagine, was a wreck. I mean I know jaundice is very common but you never want to be told that you have to take your baby back into the hospital a few days after leaving.

So last night Luke and I spent the night in the hospital, him getting treatment and I pumping (they had to supplement him after each nursing session to get him to eat more… I felt like a cow!), crying (hormones kicking in!), and trying to get some sleep. My mom was sweet enough to come in and stay with me while James was home with little Addy (who by the way has been such a big trooper during this ordeal). This morning we were told that his levels had dropped down to 14.2, which is really good. We were sent home around noon with a belie-bed so that he could receive the rest of his treatment at home. He looks so cute bundled up in the bed surrounded by a bunch of ultraviolet lights.

During all of this I was reminded how sweet, innocent, helpless, fragile and precious little newborn babies are. Our little Luke now has his birth (first week of life) story to tell. We just hope and pray that he continues to get better. At times like these I am reminded of the great strength that the Lord gives each one of us to get through difficult times. I am grateful for the Lords strength in my life right now, and hope and pray that he will continue to bless our little baby with good health.

Here are few pictures we took a couple of days ago:

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


We are proud to announce the birth of our new baby boy! Lucas "Luke" Michael LeCheminant born on Monday December 17, 2007 at 3:11pm, 8lbs. 7oz (Big Boy!), 20.5in long. Right now Luke is a dream. He sleeps all the time and is a good eater! He has not cried since he was first born. It is so great! Here are a few pictures... We will post more soon.

Addy is doing GREAT as a big sister. She loves "baby brother." She has been showering him with hugs and kisses!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

big day

tomorrow is the big day! We will keep everyone posted!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Santa.."NO! NO!"

A few weeks ago our Church had their annual Christmas Party. We were lucky enough to get a visit from Santa for all of the kids. He was great! Addy on the other hand didn't think so! Here is a little video that explaines her experience far better then I can describe in words...enjoy!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Nesting in full force

So tonight my "nesting" was in full force! I cleaned out the clutter that has been piling up in our tiny kitchen, put the dishes away, cleaned the kitchen floor (on my hands and knees mind was not a pretty site), installed the babies car-seat, put together our new double stroller that came today (Thank you mom for doing all the research to find it!), vacuumed out the car and folded all of the laundry. It seems that my energy sprits are coming at night these days because when the morning comes I am so tired I can hardly see straight. This morning James had to come home and relieve me so I could nap while he played with Addy. I am so lucky its finals week and that James has a flexible enough schedule that he can do that! What a blessing.
Tonight I also decided it was time to start packing a bag for the hospital. I have been putting this off for fear that once it is all packed and my "list of things to do" is finally complete I will for sure go into labor. Its funny...sometimes I feel so ready to have this baby and other times...well I am so frightened. I am sure you understand what I mean but let me explain my rational a bit. I am sooooooo ready not to be pregnant anymore. This final stretch is hard! I am so excited to have this little guy here, to see his little face and get to know his little personality! I am scared because well lets face one said labor and recovery was fun, and sleepless nights don't get me started! But all in all I hate the unknown more then anything. If you know me you know I am a planner. I like to have things planned out as best I can so that I can feel somewhat in control of my life and the things around me. When there is chaos or things are not planned I get a little frazzled. I guess with this situation though its just life! I have learned that it is better to roll with it then get stressed or worried! Thanks to my sweet husband who keeps me grounded and laughing during my "stressful" moments. Tonight I was trying hard to relax and focus on one of my favorite shows (Biggest Loser... I am addicted!) when James would stop the show (we watch it on TiVo) ever few minuets to make me laugh. I admit at the time it got a little annoying because I really wanted to watch the show. Looking back though he was so sweet to make me laugh and help me relax!

Ok so now I am just rambling...maybe its because its midnight already and well I need to get to bed.

Monday, December 10, 2007

New Favortie Song

I just found this Amazing new song! It is on one of the Diamond commercials playing for the holidays! Enjoy!

"Coffee Shop"

Monday, December 03, 2007


I know it has been a long time since I blogged. We have been a little busy around our house and well as much as I love to blog I have a long list of things I need to get done in the next two weeks before the baby comes. Today though I think I need to get something out of my system. I have been going crazy with little Addy these past few weeks. She has been hitting the terrible-two-year-old stage a little too soon for me, I mean she is only 18 months for goodness sake. Sunday really tipped the scales for me though. I had to teach a lesson in Church so I went into the library during part of Sacrament Meeting to make some copies (granted I was in the hall already because of course Addy won’t sit through Sacrament meeting for more then 10 minuets. At least it is usually long enough for us to get the sacrament). Anyway, she was like a little tornado running around the church library pulling anything and everything she could get her little hands on off shelves and onto the ground. I was running, or trudging along after her trying to pick up everything she was destroying. When I picked her up to hold her and tell her to stop she just screamed and stiffened her body on me. I was at my wits end. Granted, I know she was tired, and hungry but seriously!!!!! I guess I was tired and hungry too. James luckily was able to take her for the rest of the meeting and then took her home shortly after where she proceeded to fall asleep in the car on the way home and slept for 3 ½ hours in the afternoon. Needless to say I was spent from the whole ordeal. That was just the tip of the iceberg. She has been getting up at least 3 or 4 times a night for the past 7 days as well. Maybe this is Gods way of preparing me for sleepless nights ahead! All she does is scream for “mommy!” I go in and comfort her (never getting her out of the crib of course) and tell her to go back to sleep. She usually cries for a few more minuets once I leave the room and then it all starts again a few hours later. Arggggggg…. what’s a mom to do??? I called the Dr. today and they told me that this might just be an adjustment she is going through to prepare for the new baby coming. I think it is. I just hope that when the baby gets here it doesn’t get any worse. I guess that will be a whole new ball game in itself!

So today I want to write a list of things I love about Addy, because I really do love her. I am just venting here…. I think if I write down what I love most about her it will help me through the frustration…

1. I love how happy she is in the morning. She always gives me lots of hugs and kisses and wants to lay in bed with me and read books before we go down for breakfast. It is such a sweet time!
2. I love her smile and the way she laughs. She just started mimicking laughing. When James and I are laughing at something funny we are talking about Addy will join in one the conversation with a big roaring laugh, which of course makes us laugh even louder. She is so cute when she laughs!
3. I love how much she loves being with me. She loves to be near her mommy. She will call out for me when I am in the other room or will come running in with open arms to give me a hug and then will go running back to whatever she was doing.
4. I love that she already knows her little brother’s name. We have been going back and forth between two names this entire pregnancy so some of the time we will call the baby Jack and others Luke. Well Addy has it firmly planted in her mind that the baby’s name is Luke. Every time I ask her what the baby’s name is she will reply “Wuke!” I often wonder if she knows something I don’t if she and this little spirit are communicating with each other somehow. We are still undecided on the name, we want to wait and see the baby, but that really does put some weight on my mind toward naming the baby Luke.
5. I love that Addy for the most part is pretty obedient. She has her moments as all children to but she is very good about listening to her mommy.
6. I love that she loves adventure and to run around and play. It has been hard these past few months to not be able to run and play with her as much as I am used to. I am moving pretty slow these days. What can you expect when your 9 ½ months pregnant. She gets so excited when she has the opportunity to run and jump and play in a big open space. It is truly priceless to watch her bubbling personality come out during these times.
7. Lastly, I love that Addy loves to talk! She is always talking to me. She even has started talking to her babies and stuffed animals in her crib when it is naptime. Today when I put her down I waited a while and heard her talking in her room to her babies. It was the cutest thing!

It really puts a smile on my face to see Addy growing up! I can’t believe that she is 18 and a half months old and that we are going to have another little baby in the house soon. I still think of Addy as my little baby. It will be an adjustment but I welcome it! With life and all of its challenges I know that we can get through each one if we stick together as a family and remember all of our blessings the Lord has given us. Till next time…

Monday, November 19, 2007

Mie Mah visits

This past weekend my mom came out to keep Addy and I company while James was out of town. We had a great time with mi-mah here. I have had a list of things to do to prepare for the holidays and the baby coming. It was a busy time and we got so many things accompished. Unfortunantly, mom caught a nasty cold while she was here so she was out of commission for the last couple of days. Hopefully she is on the mend now, because I know this is a busy time for us all. Thanks mom for coming and spending time with us! Addy and I sure miss you already!

These are a few pictures I took of Addy today. She actually kept the bow in her hair for more then 30 seconds. Addy is at such a wonderful stage right now. She is talking up a storm, and giving hugs and kisses freely. When we dropped James off at the airport she was crying for Daddy and kept saying "Nona, Nona" (meaning Araizona). She loves her family both far and near. This week she also started saying "baby brother." I don't know if she really understands what is about to happen to her life, but it is so cute watching her try to figure out this whole brother thing.

My computer is about to die so I am going to publish this before I lose it!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Addy Smiling

I caught some cute pictures of Addy eating yesterday. It is so hard to get her to smile for the camera so I resorted to some funny face gestures and she cracked up! Luckly I caught a few cute smiles!

Friday, November 09, 2007


I know it has been a while since my last post. Sorry about that. Things have been pretty crazy here.

First of all Halloween was a blast. Where we live we have three days of celebrating. First the weekend before Halloween teh mainstreet in town has trick-or-treating at the stores. All the kids get dressed up and go from store to store to partake of yummy treats. On the night before Halloween they do traiditional trick-or-treating. It is a funny to do it the night before but everyone gets really into it and there are people out in their driveways ready to hand out candy to cute little kiddies. Then on official Halloween night they have a 200 float parade. It is HUGE!!! Everyone in town gets a spot on main street and watches the parade for hours (literally). This year it was a little cold for us to go out and watch it and Addy had to get to bed. We heard though it was really fun and candy was thrown out from a bunch of floats thus adding to the already large stash of each child. Sometimes I feel like Halloween is bigger then Thanksgiving or Christmas here. Its crazy!

Addy dressed this year as a duck! She was so cute going from house to house running after her older friends saying "treat, treat, treat" and "quack,quack quack." It was soooooo cute! I was so lame though and forgot my camera while we were out trick or treating so we didn't get any pictures or video. I know I am so lame. Oh well for sure next year. I will post some pictures soon of Addy in her costume, I did take a few.

Things have been hectic with me getting my brain wrapped around the notion that we are going to have another baby in the house in just 6 short weeks. Time seems to be racing by. I don't feel prepared in the least but ready or not here he comes! I am really excited not to be pregnant anymore though. I forgot how hard these last months are, when you are feeling so large.

I better run...we have a hosptial tour scheduled for this morning and I have not showered yet! I will post some cute pictures soon!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sound of Music

For the past week Addy and I have been enjoying a fun trip to visit family in DC. We have had a wonderful time. Addy has had a great time playing with all of her aunts and uncles and of course "Mi mi" and "Pop Pops." I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Addy bond and get to know each one of my family members better. I just wish we all lived closer. Oh well for now visits will have to do. Addy has been talking up a storm here. Her new favorite word is "music" and "groovy." Don't worry there are stories behind each word. The other day my mom had The Sound of Music on in the background and Addy heard the singing and started saying "music, music, music." She has been asking for it every day since then. She only likes the singing parts which I think is so cute! She even has me sing her songs from sound of music when she goes to bed at night.
"Groovy" arrived from a trip to the toy store. I don't know if anyone has ever heard of Groovy Girl dolls. They are favorites of Addy's because they have yarn for hair and Addy loves to run her fingers thorough it! Anyway, my mom bought her a new "groovy girl" and she has been saying "groovy" all week. I think my father-in-law would love to hear her say it! Its one of his favorite words!
Well our trip is almost over and I am having some mixed feelings. I am so excited to get back to my sweet husband who I always miss when I am gone (or he is gone). I am also facing the reality that this baby is going to come sooner then I am realizing. We are on the final stretch. When we get home we will have about 7 weeks left (at least I hope, I want to deliver a week early so I don't have the baby on Christmas day). We will see what the Dr. says. Until next time...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Double Stroller Suggestions

As the arrival of baby boy LeCheminant is fast approaching I am in search of a double stroller that will accomidate my two little ones. I would love to find one that I can attach the infant seat too. Taking the baby out of the seat everytime I have to put him into the stroller seems like a big pain. I have not been able to find any that fit all of my criteria so please enlighten me if you have any suggestions. Anything will help!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday we had the oppertunity to visit the pumpkin patch. We had a ball! I think the pictures will tell the whole story. I will also try to post a video of Addy petting the goat its pretty cute!
These first pictures are of Addy and James. They are so much alike and I think these pictures say it all!

Pumpkin Time...
Addy by the apple picking sign
Family picture while on the hey ride...Addy loved that one!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Addy’s latest

First of all I can’t believe my little girl is almost 17 months old. Every day that goes by with her I am more and more amazed that she is actually mine. This past month has been full of excitement!

• Addy is learning new words every day. She recently learned how to say grape and now that is all she wants to eat. She is putting syllables together and forming real words. It is so fun to watch her talk.

• In the beginning of September we took a family trip to the Zoo again. I love the Zoo here in St. Louis, mostly because it is FREE, and it is captivating to children and adults alike. It is a great place to go for the entire family to enjoy! Addy LOVES animals (another new word she now knows how to say thanks to “grandma”). She has a great affinity these days for frogs, ducks and kitties and of course dogs.

• We also had the opportunity to drive out to Kansas City a few weeks ago. James had a conference to attend, so Addy and I went along for the drive. It was so fun to go and explore our old stomping grounds. If there is one thing I can say about Kansas City is that is has GREAT shopping and GREAT restaurants. We were able to go to one of my favorite places while we were there, Huston’s…yummy!!! Addy did great on the drive out there (she slept the entire time). On the way back it was a bit more challenging. By the time we got back into town we hit major traffic that extended our drive another hour, by that point Addy was spent and screaming the rest of the way home. I have to admit I was pretty spent myself.

• Last week we visited our family in AZ. It was such a fantastic trip! Addy was able to spend time with her cousins and grandparents and her new favorite friend, the family dog, Copper. Each morning she woke up she would stand in her crib and innocently ask for Copper. It was so cute! She was able to get some great one on one time with her grandparents. She also fell in love with her cousins. She was giving hugs and kisses freely to all of her family members. In fact on the way to the airport she started to cry. I was surprised by her response whenever I asked her what was wrong she would say “Nona” (her way of saying Arizona). It broke my heart to have to leave, but hopefully we will be able to visit again soon!

• Side note… I have to say thanks to my mother –in-law and sister-in-law who toted Addy and I around all week. We also got to have a great girls day out (thanks to our fantastic husbands who agreed to babysit all the kids). It was so much fun to spend that time with them! I am lucky to call them family!

• Recently Addy has become obsessed with the “Beatles.” I have the CD in my car and all she wants to listen to is “Let it Be.” I didn’t understand what she was saying at first because she just kept saying “B, B, B.” I finally realized that it was Let it Be that she wanted to listen to. She loves it. She even wants me to sing it to her before she goes to sleep at night. I am so glad that my little one is learning to appreciate good music.
Now that we are back home, getting settled in from all of our travels I have sporadic urges to clean my house and organize my life. I feel like the months are just slipping by and sooner then I think this next baby will arrive and our lives will be turned upside down again (at least just for a little while until I can figure out a new routine). So until then… I will just enjoy today!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jeff and Tressa Family Photos

This week while in AZ I got to take photos of James' brothers beautiful family! Here are some of my favorites so far!